Draft Rules

Here is how the draft selection process will work:
  • Everyone who wishes to participate in the draft will sign up as an individual through the VA Patriot (Hampton) or VA Shore (Virginia Beach) websites. 
  • You do not need to select a friend group if you are declaring for the draft. Signing up as a free agent will get you placed in a draft group.
  • A CLUBWAKA representative will e-mail you a brief web survey to gather some information from you. This information will be included in a packet provided to the captains prior to the draft. 
    • Captains will consist of one male and one female per team. Players interested in being a captain will be placed in a queue once both participants are registered for the season. As enough players sign up to constitute another team formation, the next set of captains will be pulled from the queue list to captain that team.
    • NOTE: To be eligible to captain a team, both captains MUST be available to attend the Draft Party/Meet N Greet (Details on each website) in order to select your team. 
  • Captains will select their team color once they have been designated as captains. A team name must be decided upon prior to the draft party. 
  • The captains will take turns selecting their teams from the available player pool at the League Draft Party
    • The draft order will be determined by pulling the team names randomly out of a hat. 
    • The draft will 'snake' in order, with the order reversing every other round.
    • The players chosen will be announced live at the bar!
Draft League FAQ
Q: Do I have to be a part of the draft to play this summer? 
A: No. Participation in the draft is encouraged, but not mandatory. If you would rather start a friend group and play with a team, you are welcome to do so! 
Q: Will the winner of this league be eligible for a Founders Cup invite?
A: No, CLUBWAKA Express leagues are not eligible for invites to the Founders Cup. 
Q: Is trading allowed after the draft? 
A: No.
Q: I want to play with my significant other/friend. Can we be drafted together as a "package deal"? 
A: No, allowing package deals would skew the roster sizes and leave the draft unbalanced. If you do prefer to play with a specific person, please note it on the web survey you complete, and the captains will take it into consideration when making their choices... If you want to guarantee that you'll play on the same team, please sign up and create a friend group. You will not be included in the draft but will be assigned to a team with the most space on their roster. 
Q: Why are we doing a draft league? 
A: Because it's something different and fun! We hope that with a short season (6 weeks) in between the Spring and Fall seasons, that this is the perfect opportunity to play with new people and make new friends! Plus, it's always fun to pretend to be a professional athlete!