WAKA Captains Information:

All WAKA team captains are approved by WAKA on the basis that they understand & agree to the guidelines listed below. Our primary goal is to make sure all players have fun and stay safe in our social athletic organization. Captains and Co-captains that don't agree to or abide by the guidelines can be removed as a team captain or suspended if there is a serious infraction.

Duties as a Captain For WA Emerald City

1. Make the lineups and bring two copies to the fields each week

The second copy is for exchanging with the opposing captain. The point of this is so the opposing captain can make sure that there is no swapping up of the batting order. If you want to contend a lineup discrepancy, you can only contend during the duration of the batter’s at bat, once a pitch is thrown to the next batter you can no longer argue about the lineup discrepancy.

2. Communicate with your team during the season

Please find some way to communicate with your team on a weekly basis, be it email, a Facebook group, or just face to face. At the very least you should remind your team of the field, time, and opponent that you are playing that week. I would also include what the theme week is if there is one that week, which can be found in the schedule portion of the weekly emailed newsletter. The weekly schedule can be found on the main league page.

3. Ensure that someone on your team is writing up a weekly Team Recap

The newsletter each week will include summaries from each team talking about the previous week’s games. As a captain you are not required to write the summary, but you must find someone to do it. If you don’t have any volunteers, it will likely fall to you. Summaries are due at 5 pm on Monday. We will send email reminders on Friday and Monday. You should also include in these emails a top three ranking for the most spirited teams (not including your own), as well as a 1-10 ranking of your referees during the game with 10 being the best (this is to help shore up referee complaints).

4. Provide a team logo to represent your team

To go along with the team recaps, we will also need a team logo to represent your team. Here is a link to a newsletter from the previous season so you can get an idea of what we are looking for regarding logos and typical recaps.

5. Provide one referee from your team to attend the referee clinic/take the test

Previous seasons we had a volunteer basis for referees and the ones that attended the referee clinic (5:30 pm before the first game) reffed and received a pitcher to split with their co-ref at the bar afterward. Unfortunately we had a large number of volunteers from a few teams and no volunteers from others; this led to referee scarcity on weeks where the few teams with volunteers played in the same time slot. I need each team to provide at least one ref to attend the ref clinic/take the test, if players that attend would rather not ref, make sure that they let me know and I’ll only schedule them on weeks where it is an absolute necessity. One is not the minimum, anybody who would be interested in refereeing is welcome to attend, it’s always good to have backups! We also have a rules quiz online for those that cannot make the 5:30 pm clinic that must be taken prior to the start of the season (unless discussed with myself).

6. Read and know the rules

It helps to know the rules for two reasons. Number 1: only captains and appointed co-captains may argue rules with the referee, other players that argue may be ejected by the referee. Number 2: WAKA plays with a different set of rules compared to other leagues (Underdog) and you risk putting your team at a disadvantage if you don’t know what you can or cannot do during a game. Please emphasize to your players to also read them. Here’s the link to the rules (along with a lineup card you can print out): Here’s a link to policies that are not explicitly stated in the rules:

7. Show up to the bar and be ready to play bar games

Much of our budget each season is dedicated to buying beer for the players at the bar afterward as a reward. This beer typically goes towards the bar games (flip cup, ladder gold, and corn hole) that occur every week as well as Life of the Party incentives that are handed out during the end of season party. See below for the specifics on each of them.

8. Communicate with your Community Coordinator

We try and bring the best possible experience for all of my players during the season; however, we know that people end up having grievances during the season. We usually don’t hear about these things until well past midseason (midseason surveys), usually at that point we don’t have a lot of time to make corrections. If your players have any complaints or suggestions about things they want to see have happen in the league, please pass them on. We can’t make changes if we don’t know about it.

9. Have fun and help your players have fun

Do what you can to help your players have fun. Last season we had teams organize a pregame barbecue, assemble walkup music for their players, have independent team theme nights, etc. The league is supposed to be a good time, especially during the regular season since everyone makes the playoffs, so don’t take things too seriously.

Paper Forfeits:
A paper forfeit results in a ¾ point deduction in the standings. At WAKA's discretion teams with 2 or more paper forfeits may not be eligible to play in the league and national tournament.

Referee Duty:
Each team is required to send referees as per the league schedule. Captains need to make arrangements for your refs to be at the game and on time. If your team misses ref duty you will receive a paper forfeit. It is expected that teams will send qualified referee's who have read and understand the rule book.

Game Start Time, Equipment & Forfeit Policy:

  • Games are required to start on time and last no more than 1 hour from the scheduled start time.

  • Any team that does not have a minimum of 4 females and 4 males at the field at game time will be issued a forfeit. Teams that have at least 8 players but not the requisite number of each gender may start their game and play as normal, however, once the deficient team kicks through their lineup, if they do not have enough of each gender they will be issued a forfeit.

  • A game will be recorded as a 5–0 loss for any team(s) that forfeits a game prior to the actual start of the game such as in the case where you do not have enough players.

  • Any regular season game, where a team is losing by 12 or more after the 3rd inning is considered complete and the score is official. You may scrimmage past that point but the score shall not change.

  • A game will be recorded as a loss with a 12 run differential for any team(s) that forfeits a game after it starts if they declare a forfeit or are forfeited by WAKA. Example... in the case of a team unsportsmanlike conduct, if the score is 6-0 at the time of forfeit it becomes 12-0. If the score is 8-2 the score becomes 14-2. In the case where an injury causes a team to not have enough players at some point past the start of the game will result in a 5-0 loss or the actual score at the time of the injury, if it was a larger run differential.

  • Games delayed by lightning or other unforeseen circumstances will not have timed added. A game is considered official after 3 complete innings.

  • WAKA provides the bases and kickball’s. You must leave the kickball on the pitchers mound after your game.

  • Captains are required to reply back to your reps email request for the final game score within 48 hours. Otherwise the game may be marked as a forfeit.

Games that need to be made up will be replayed at the end of the regular season and in the order that they occur. Sometimes parks may not have any available makeup dates and the season may have to be shortened.

Captains are responsible for the conduct of themselves and their players. WAKA can and will suspend players who violate the rules or do not act in a sportsmanlike manor. If multiple players are acting in an unsportsmanlike manor the game will result in a forfeit.

Teams that intentionally run out the game clock in the late innings by not taking the field in a reasonable amount of time etc may have their game ruled a forfeit. 

Only Captains and Co-Captains can "Discuss" calls with a referee. Please keep discussion of calls short as you will only lose out on game time.

Park Rules: 
All beverages must be in an opaque cup or container. WAKA will provide trash bags at each field for teams to dispose of their empties.

  • Teams are responsible for properly throwing their trash away after the game.

  • Security, lock your car and keep anything of value in your trunk where it cannot be seen.

  • The above rules also apply to your guests and you are responsible for them.

Team Rosters:

  • Captains must have a copy of their official WAKA roster on hand at all times.

  • WAKA may add players to your team as needed for a maximum of 26 players. WAKA also may have a minimum requirement such as 8 females per team.

  • Only registered players who are on your official WAKA roster may play.

  • WAKA will conduct random roster checks and illegal players will result in a forfeit, the captain being suspended and possibility of not being eligible to play in the tournament rounds.

  • All players must wear an official WAKA shirt for that league and it must be the correct team color.

  • Players wearing a cast or walking boot (moon boot) are not eligible to play. Knee braces, ace bandages and wrist casts are acceptable but only at the players own risk. Pregnant women past the 1st trimester is an unnecessary risk and therefore not eligible to play. WAKA reserves the right to make the final decision on any players eligibility to play due to injury, illness or general safety concerns.

  • Game lineups are final at game start time. Late players should be added to the end of the roster and may only play if the team has not gone thoriugh the lineup yet. If a player misses his/her spot in the lineup and does not kick they are officially out of the game!

  • Captains are required to exchange lineups before the start of the game. A referree will not accept a lineup challenge unless you can show them a copy.

  • All players are entitled to an equal amount of playing time as WAKA "owns" the team rights not the captain.

League Bar & Parties:
WAKA is a social organization and fully expects team captains to encourage their players to visit the official league bar and attend the parties. Our bars serve non alcoholic drinks and food for those who choose not to drink.

Help Us Help You:
WAKA urges captains & players to discuss with your league representative any issues that we need to know about. General safety and player satisfacton is our most important goal.