What is WAKA’s policy in regards to weather conditions and if games will be played?

A typical WAKA Kickball Season consists of 8 regular season games and a league single elimination tournament. Games are always played subject to the prevailing weather conditions. Player safety is our first concern, and therefore if conditions exist where it could be dangerous to play or to continue to play WAKA reserves the right to cancel or postpone games.

Field permitting authorities (typically Parks and Rec Depts.) have their own policies regarding field use at times of inclement weather and following periods of bad weather. WAKA will conform to all park policies regarding the use of fields, as outlined by the field permitting authority. If a permitting authority closes a field then the games will be canceled.

WAKA applies for field permits that allow for the full regular season of play, the league tournaments and, if the park authority allows for 2 additional weeks. These additional weeks allow for canceled games to be played. Occasionally this 2 week buffer is not sufficient. In these instances the additional lost games might not be played, resulting in fewer games than originally scheduled.