How do I submit a suggestion for a new rule or a change to an existing rule?

To be considered by WAKA, all rules submissions are required to follow the specific format described below.

Visit the Contact Us page, select the “Rules Questions” category, and compose a message that includes all of the following information:

State the current rule as it is written and the rule number. If it is a proposed new rule, please let us know where in the rules you think this new rule should go.
Draft a suggested rewrite of the rule (or, if it is a new rule, draft the wording of the proposed new rule).
State how the rewrite or new rule will affect any other current rules and which rules it will effect. Draft the new language for the rules that will be affected if your proposed change is implemented.
Provide detailed reasoning behind the rewrite of the rule or the proposed new rule. Let us know why you think this change/addition should be implemented.
Submissions that do not follow this format or fail to include all the required information will NOT be considered by the WAKA Rules Committee. An updated edition of the official Rules is produced annually, so please be patient!