FL Coastal - Winter 2013 Schedule

Thursday, April 11th, 2013Download: Week | Season
Game 3 makeup week
RESF Allstars7:15 pm
2 in the Pink, Your Team Stinks! Field 1

Ref: Schweddy and Brickell Ballers(2)

Bananas in Pajamas7:15 pm
Booty CallField 2

Ref: We got the Runs(3 refs)

I'm Kick James, Pitch!7:15 pm

Ref: Golden Showers & Morning Wood(2)

Hit It & Quit It7:15 pm
Tekilla MockingbirdField 4

Ref: Balls in The Sand & Pitches Be Crazy(2 each)

Schweddy Balls8:15 pm

Ref: 2 in the pink (3 refs)

We Got the Runs8:15 pm
Booty CallField 2

Ref: Bananas (3 refs)

Golden Showers8:15 pm
Morning WoodField 3

Ref: I'm Kick James and Blueprint(2 each)

Balls in the Sand8:15 pm
Pitches Be CrazyField 4

Ref: Hit and Quit It and Tekilla(2 each)

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: Booty Call