TX Live - Fall 2013 Schedule

Thursday, September 26th, 2013Download: Week | Season
Walk of Shame0Final
That Kick Cray0

Ref: Stephen Moursund / Teabaggers

RaGiNg DiNoS!!!3Final
Balls Deep2

Ref: Ryan Huntley / Sons of Pitches

Pitch, Please 5Final

Ref: Kia Conwell / PB & Leo

The Tyrannical Tea Baggers5Final
Ball So Hard1

Ref: Kyle Trzaskalski / Cray

Sons of Pitches2Final
Ten Dollar Tijuana Dunder Show11

Ref: Dre Rodgers / Raging Dinos

PB & Leo6Final
Sit On My Base1

Ref: Allen Soriano/ Pitch, Please

Tight and Bright6Final
PurpleSaurus Rex1

Ref: Justin Harris / Ball So Hard

Pitch Slapped14Final
Pitches be Trippin'6

Ref: Ben Helgeson / Dunder

I'm Kick James, Pitch5

Ref: Luis Ontiveros / Sit On My Base

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: None