TX Live - Summer 2014 Schedule

Thursday, August 14th, 2014Download: Week | Season
Playoffs: Quarters, Semis, Championship

Playoff Match C1

Babe Truth1Final
The Tyrannical Tea Baggers2

Ref: Tom Rhyne

Playoff Match C2

Do You Even Kick Bro?5Final


Playoff Match C3

Kicks Like Je$us0Final
That Kick Cray12

Ref: Kia Conwell

Playoff Match C4

PurpleSaurus Rex0

Ref: Rob Jaskula

Playoff Match D1

The Tyrannical Tea Baggers12Final
Do You Even Kick Bro?0

Ref: Tom Rhyne

Playoff Match D2

That Kick Cray3Final

Ref: Stephen Moursund

Playoff Match E1

The Tyrannical Tea Baggers2Final
That Kick Cray4

Ref: Stephen Moursund

Teams not scheduled to play: A Nu Start, Ball Me Maybe, Ball So Hard, Kickin' $hit Bingo, Kickin' on gin and juice, Legendary Red Rockets, Pitches be Trippin, Ram It Home, Sons of Pitches, Texas Exes
Teams with double header: CANDY VAN, Do You Even Kick Bro?, That Kick Cray, The Tyrannical Tea Baggers