Manual Payments Processing

* Coupons may not be requested for more than the current registration cost.

* Coupons may only be requested for SOP's that are currently Open for Registration. Codes can not be generated for SOP's with a Closed - Registration Coming Soon or Staging (Private) status.

Example: FL Atlantic Spring 2015

Enter the name of the organization or team name so finance can match the payment with this record.

All credit card payments MUST processed through the league SOP page on If credit card payment is selected, Finance and Tech will be notified for approval prior to payment being processed.

All credit card payments MUST be processed through the league SOP page on If you are experiencing issues with the processing payments through the page, checking this box will notify Finance and Tech for approval.

Enter the total amount the team will pay. Discount information can be entered below.

Enter the total number of uses the team is purchasing

The individual amount that each coupon should be worth.

Enter the date the team will pay

Enter the total discount amount. Enter $0 if no discount.

Are there any special issues for this coupon?
You will be required to enter something in the field even if it is 'No' or 'None'!

Hopefully, this will help us get these coupons processed faster.