NY Mid Hudson - Fall 2015 Schedule

Thursday, October 22nd, 2015Download: Week | Season

Playoff Match C1

New WAKA Order5Final
Just For Kicks0

Ref: Need Volunteers

Playoff Match C2

Fire It Up!1Final

Ref: Need Volunteers

Playoff Match D1

New WAKA Order2Final
Fire It Up!3

Ref: Need Volunteers

Teams not scheduled to play: #SPMFK, 'Murica, 21st Amendments, Barracudas Azules, Bunt Me, DEEZ NUTZ, Goo Goblins, KICKHEADS, TBD, We're Still Huge in Japan, You Can't Kick With Us, Your Pitches Make My Kick Hard
Teams with double header: Fire It Up!, New WAKA Order