NV Lucky - Summer 2016 Schedule

Wednesday, July 27th, 2016Download: Week | Season

Playoff Match A2

Balls Deep in Pitches3Final
New Kicks on the Block6

Ref: Glitter Shorts and a Bow Tie

Playoff Match A6

Suck my kick2Final
Schweddy Ballz7

Ref: Fainting Goats

Playoff Match B4

You're in BIG Trouble Mister9Final
Batta blockers0

Ref: Soccer Mom

Playoff Match B1

The Fainting Goats12Final
New Kicks on the Block0

Ref: Field 2 - Suck My Kick or Schweddy Ballz

Playoff Match B2

Glitter Shorts and a Bow Tie.6Final
Soccer Mom4

Ref: Field 1 - Balls Deep in Pitches or New Kicks

Playoff Match B3

Saved By The Balls8Final
Schweddy Ballz1

Ref: You're in Big Trouble Mister

Playoff Match C1

The Fainting Goats12Final
Glitter Shorts and a Bow Tie.0

Ref: Field 2 - Losing Team

Playoff Match C2

You're in BIG Trouble Mister2Final
Saved By The Balls1

Ref: Field 1 Losing Team

Playoff Match D1

The Fainting Goats8Final
You're in BIG Trouble Mister1

Ref: Field 2 - Losing Team

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: Glitter Shorts and a Bow Tie., New Kicks on the Block, Saved By The Balls, Schweddy Ballz, The Fainting Goats, You're in BIG Trouble Mister