CA Dogtown - Summer 2016 Schedule

Wednesday, October 12th, 2016Download: Week | Season

Ref: Can I Kick It?

Straight Outta Kimpton0Final
New Kicks on the Block4

Ref: Basic Pitches + Sale

Can I Kick it?2Final
Matthew Kickonaughey7

Ref: Kicktease

Basic Pitches1Final

Ref: Always Sunny

Eskimo Cousins2Final
DogTown FURY5

Ref: BLVCK // Equipment: Always Sunny

Always Sunny In Dogtown7Final
SnackNation All-Stars1

Ref: Matthew Kickonaughey // Equipment: Always Sunny

Teams not scheduled to play: Ballcuzzi , Degenerates, Hot Fried Kickin', Rhythm & Boo-ze
Teams with double header: None