NV Kickball Open - Fall 2017 Schedule

Saturday, October 7th, 2017Download: Week | Season
It BURNS When I Kick1

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Alco-Ballics/HR: Eduardo Hernandez

H-Town Kickaholicz7Final
Zero Fox Given9

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Extra Most Bestest/HR: Jamaal Agrow

Belew's Clues1

Ref: 1st & 3rd: $ex Panthers: Panthers in Heat/HR: Kristopher Mecenes

Lot Lizards14Final
Dude I Can Kick 2

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Bunt Cake: Find the Hole//HR: Matt Ferony

Eskimo Brothers SD9Final
OG BallAZ0

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies/HR: Jesse Bales

SLAP My Pitch Up0

Ref: 1st & 3rd: The Socialetes/HR: Antonio Martell

Menace 2 S0briety7Final
Hakuna MaWaka2

Ref: 1st: Extra Most Bestest 3rd: The Socialetes/HR: Vince Velasquez

Guns N Oil12Final
Kickball Whores United3

Ref: 1st: Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies 3rd: Bunt Cake: Find the Hole/HR: Joseph Devlin

Zero Fox Given9

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Eskimo Brothers SD/HR: Eduardo Hernandez

$ex Panthers: Panthers in Heat2Final
It BURNS When I Kick5

Ref: 1st: Steve Wagner 3rd: Eskimo Brothers SD/H: Jamaal Agrow

Extra Most Bestest10Final
Belew's Clues0

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Lot Lizards/HR: Kristopher Mecenes

Bunt Cake: Find the Hole0Final

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Menace 2 S0briety/HR: Matt Ferony

OG BallAZ2

Ref: 1st & 3rd:Kickball Whores United/HR: Kevin Watson

SLAP My Pitch Up0

Ref: 1st & 3rd: H-Town Kickaholicz/HR: Antonio Martell

Guns N Oil8Final
Hakuna MaWaka1

Ref: 1st: Menace 2 S0briety 3rd: Kickball Whores United/HR: Jesse Bales

Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies4Final
The Socialetes0

Ref: 1st: Lot Lizards 3rd: Dude I Can Kick/ HR: Joseph Devlin

SLAP My Pitch Up1Final
Zero Fox Given9

Ref: 1st & 3rd: HH/HR: Eduardo Hernandez

$ex Panthers: Panthers in Heat10Final
H-Town Kickaholicz7

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Belew's Clues/HR: Jamaal Agrow

Extra Most Bestest14Final
Bunt Cake: Find the Hole0

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Guns N Oil/HR: Kristopher Mecenes

Lot Lizards6Final
The Socialetes3

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Hakuna MaWaka/HR: Matt Ferony

Eskimo Brothers SD2Final

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Sharptooth/HR: Antonio Martell

OG BallAZ0

Ref: 1st & 3rd: It BURNS When I Kick/HR:Kevin Watson

Menace 2 S0briety4Final
Kickball Whores United4

Ref: 1st: HH 3rd: It BURNS When I Kick/HR: Vince Velasquez

Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies11Final
Dude I Can Kick 0

Ref: 1st: Steve Wagner 3rd: It Belew's Clues/HR: Joseph Devlin

H-Town Kickaholicz2Final
It BURNS When I Kick4

Ref: 1st: Steve Wagner 3rd: OG BallAZ/HR: Kristopher Mecenes

$ex Panthers: Panthers in Heat4Final

Ref: 1st & 3rd: OG BallAZHR: Antonio Martell

Extra Most Bestest8Final

Ref: 1st& 3rd: Zero Fox Given /HR: Kevin Watson

Lot Lizards2Final
Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies6

Ref: 1st: Ralene Hansen 3rd: SLAP My Pitch Up/HR: Jesse Bales

Eskimo Brothers SD3Final

Ref: 1st: Larry R & 3rd: Zero Fox Given/HR: Jamaal Agrow

Bunt Cake: Find the Hole2Final
Belew's Clues1

Ref: 1st & 3rd: SLAP My Pitch Up/HR:Eduardo Hernandez

Menace 2 S0briety0Final
Guns N Oil8

Ref: 1st: Sara Misraji 3rd: Ashley Dubord /HR: Joseph Devlin

The Socialetes6Final
Dude I Can Kick 4

Ref: 1st: Samantha Dykstra 3rd: Affiliates/HR: Matt Ferony

Kickball Whores United6Final
Hakuna MaWaka4

Ref: 1st & 3rd: Affiliates/HR: Ashley Semlar

Teams not scheduled to play: DNP
Teams with double header: $ex Panthers: Panthers in Heat, Affiliates, Alco-Ballics, Belew's Clues, Bunt Cake: Find the Hole, Dude I Can Kick , Eskimo Brothers SD, Extra Most Bestest, Fire Breathing Rubber Duckies, Guns N Oil, H-Town Kickaholicz, Hakuna MaWaka, HH, It BURNS When I Kick, Kickball Whores United, Lot Lizards, Menace 2 S0briety, OG BallAZ, Sharptooth, SLAP My Pitch Up, The Socialetes, Zero Fox Given