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NC Raleigh Sand Volleyball - Fall 2017 Schedule

Wednesday, November 1st, 2017Download: Week | Season

Playoff Match B1

SAS-sy Sets2Final
That's What She Set0

Ref: Brooke

Playoff Match B2

Sets on the Beach2Final
Can you dig it?1

Ref: Eric

Playoff Match B3

Orville Ready Blockers2Final
Setting Ducks1

Ref: Leanna

Playoff Match B4

Between the Spreadsheets1Final
Dat Ace Doe2

Ref: Patrick

Playoff Match C1

SAS-sy Sets2Final
Sets on the Beach0

Ref: Patrick

Playoff Match C2

Orville Ready Blockers2Final
Dat Ace Doe1

Ref: Jeff or Rett

Playoff Match D1

SAS-sy Sets2Final
Orville Ready Blockers1

Ref: Patrick and Jeff or Rett

Teams not scheduled to play: Dial It Up!, I'd Hit That, Power Bottoms, Prometheus Group, Raleigh's Finest, Spikelangelo's Sistine Chapel Hill Volleyballers, Wilson
Teams with double header: Dat Ace Doe, Orville Ready Blockers, SAS-sy Sets, Sets on the Beach

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