CT Hartford Sand Volleyball Monday - Fall 2017 Schedule

Monday, October 16th, 2017Download: Week | Season
All-Teams Playoffs

Playoff Match A6

Volleyball is Just Intense Hot Potato2Final
Gerty and the Yard Goats1

Ref: Joanne's Homies

Playoff Match A14

The Empire Spikes Back1

Ref: Blockbusters

Playoff Match A2

Notorious D.I.G.0Final
Who Ya Gonna Set? 2

Ref: Top Gun

Playoff Match A8

Just the Tip1Final

Ref: Loser of 6pm CT 2 (Hot Potato or Yard Goats)

Playoff Match A16

Ace of Base2Final
Joanne's Homies0

Ref: Loser of 6pm CT 3 (Empire or NASTY)

Playoff Match A10

We Can Get It Up1Final
We Just Netted In Your Face2

Ref: Free Ballerz

Playoff Match B1

Bump N' Dump2Final
Who Ya Gonna Set? 0

Ref: Loser 7pm CT 4

Playoff Match B3

Free ballerz1Final
Volleyball is Just Intense Hot Potato0

Ref: How I Set Your Mom

Playoff Match B7

Top Gun2Final

Ref: Who Ya Gonna Set?

Playoff Match B5

Bumpin Uglies2Final
We Just Netted In Your Face0

Ref: Loser 6:30pm CT 1

Playoff Match B2

How I Set Your Mom0Final
Kiss my Ace2

Ref: Loser 7pm CT 1

Playoff Match B4

2017: An Ace Odyssey1Final

Ref: Loser 7pm CT 2

Playoff Match B8

UTAS Set Me Up0Final
Ace of Base2

Ref: Loser 7pm CT 3

Playoff Match B6

Practice Safe Sets2Final

Ref: Loser 7pm CT 4

Playoff Match C1

Bump N' Dump2Final
Kiss my Ace1

Ref: Loser 7:30pm CT 2

Playoff Match C2

Free ballerz1Final

Ref: Loser 7:30pm CT 1

Playoff Match C3

Bumpin Uglies1Final
Practice Safe Sets2

Ref: Loser 7:30pm CT 4

Playoff Match C4

Top Gun2Final
Ace of Base1

Ref: Loser 7:30pm CT 3

Playoff Match D1

Bump N' Dump2Final

Ref: Loser 8pm CT 3

Playoff Match D2

Practice Safe Sets0Final
Top Gun2

Ref: Loser 8pm CT 2

Playoff Match E1

Bump N' Dump1Final
Top Gun2

Ref: TBD

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: Ace of Base, Blockbusters, Bump N' Dump, Bumpin Uglies, Free ballerz, Kiss my Ace, NASTY FLOATERS, Practice Safe Sets, Top Gun, Volleyball is Just Intense Hot Potato, We Just Netted In Your Face, Who Ya Gonna Set?