NC Capital - Fall 2017 Schedule

Thursday, September 21st, 2017Download: Week | Season
Unimpressive Kick Pics0

Ref: Scott M, Looking to Score (2)

Pitches Love CAKE!0Final
Scoring Runs and Finger Guns12

Ref: Tony K, Huckleberry (2)

Red Balls and Vodka 5

Ref: Zac, Uptown (2)

Looking To Score0Final
Scoring Runs and Finger Guns16

Ref: Josh B, Unimpressive Kick Pics (2)

Red Balls and Vodka 1

Ref: Nate, PLC (2)

Uptown Funk 14Final
I'm Your Huckleberry 1

Ref: Megan, Savages (2)

West Canaan Coyotes1Final
Liver Let Die5

Ref: John T, Scoring Runs (2)

4th Base9Final
I'm Your Huckleberry 5

Ref: Josh B, Red Balls (2)

Uptown Funk 10Final
Looking To Score2

Ref: Nick, Crushers (2)

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: I'm Your Huckleberry , Looking To Score, Red Balls and Vodka , Scoring Runs and Finger Guns, Uptown Funk