AL Capital - Fall 2017 Schedule

Thursday, December 14th, 2017Download: Week | Season
Tournament Week 2

Playoff Match A1

Roll a Bunt6:30 pm
The ReplacementsLagoon Park Field 3

Ref: Pitches Be Crazy

Playoff Match A2

Gumptown Ballers6:30 pm
Alc*ballicsLagoon Park Field 4

Ref: Goat Island

Playoff Match A3

Pitches Be Crazy7:30 pm
Kick in tha ballsLagoon Park Field 3

Ref: Alcoballics

Playoff Match A4

Goat Island Ballers7:30 pm
LIT.EDU 2.0Lagoon Park Field 4

Ref: Gumptown

Playoff Match B1

Winner of A18:30 pm
Winner of A2Lagoon Park Field 3

Ref: Loser of A3

Playoff Match B2

Winner of A38:30 pm
Winner of A4Lagoon Park Field 4

Ref: Loser of A1

Playoff Match C1

Winner of B19:30 pm
Winner of B2Lagoon Park Field 3

Ref: Loser of B1 and B2

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: None