LA Jazz - Winter 2018 Schedule

Saturday, March 3rd, 2018Download: Week | Season
Playoffs - Saturday

Playoff Match A2

Sit On My Base Again0Final
Magazine Moneyshots2

Ref: Carson

Playoff Match A6

ShotSki Gold Medalists5Final
You Can't Kick With Us0

Ref: Darren

Playoff Match B2

Don't Drop the Ball4

Ref: Scratch

Playoff Match B1

NU Deep Kickball Squad12Final
Magazine Moneyshots0

Ref: Carson

Playoff Match B3

Plan B3Final
ShotSki Gold Medalists4

Ref: Darren

Playoff Match B4

Cross Eyed Bear9Final
Chilled Balls. Who dis?0

Ref: Scratch

Playoff Match C1

NU Deep Kickball Squad2

Ref: Darren / Carson

Playoff Match C2

Cross Eyed Bear2Final
ShotSki Gold Medalists1

Ref: Scratch

Playoff Match D1

Cross Eyed Bear1


Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: A.M.P., Cross Eyed Bear, Magazine Moneyshots, NU Deep Kickball Squad, ShotSki Gold Medalists