FL St Johns - Summer 2018 Schedule

Saturday, August 11th, 2018Download: Week | Season

Teams not scheduled to play: 3 Kick Mafia-UH, Alcaballics- UH, Alive and kickin - OH, Ball and Oates- UH, Blacked Out -UH, Blue Balls or Bust-UH, Bunt Pirates-OH, Bunt Stuff-UH, Buntcoin-UH, CHUG NORRIS- UH, Cut A Pitch- OH, Don’t come on my base- OH, Fear the Gear-UH, Hotdog and Tacos- UH, HugeD69, Jagging off , JB Boozter club-UH, Kentucky Fried Kickin , Kickelob Ultra- UH, Money Shots- OH, new WAKA order- UH, Pitches Be Crazy- UH, Straight to the Balls-OH, Taco Balls- OH, Tag Em and Bag Em, Throwing Shade, WAKA WAKA WAKA, We Got The Runs-UH, Wet Dream Team- UH, X-Blades
Teams with double header: None