CT Hartford Sand Volleyball Monday - Fall 2018 Schedule

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Week 2
Volley Perco-Sets3Final
Block Lobster0

Ref: Team Bump 'n' Chug

Balls Deep3Final
Top Gun0

Ref: Free ballers

UTAS Set Me Up2Final
Slippery Dolphins1

Ref: Blocks of Love

Unprotected Sets1Final
A Little Bump n' Grind2

Ref: Dangerous Crossfire

We Hit It Hard0Final
Free ballers 3

Ref: Block Lobster

Team Bump 'n' Chug3Final
Folly Ballers0

Ref: Top Gun

Just the Tip3Final
Dangerous Crossfire0

Ref: UTAS Set Me Up

Blocks of Love1Final
I Smell Sets and Candy 2

Ref: Unprotected Sets

Bumpin Uglies2Final
Make Monday’s Great Again1

Ref: We Hit It Hard

Real Housewives of Volleywood0Final
The ACE Team3

Ref: Folly Ballers


Ref: Just the Tip

Flying Dalhausers2

Ref: I Smell Sets and Candy

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: None