CT Hartford Dodgeball Thursdays - Fall 2018 Schedule

Thursday, December 27th, 2018Download: Week | Season
All team playoffs!

Playoff Match A2

Anywhere But The Hair6:45 pm
Not in the FaceCourt 1

Ref: #2 Take It In The Face

Playoff Match B1

Low Blow7:15 pm
Winner of A2Court 1

Ref: #3 ThrowBoCop III

Playoff Match B3

Take It In The Face 7:15 pm
mtownCourt 2

Ref: #4 Gym Class Heroes

Playoff Match B2

Gym Class Heroes7:45 pm
The DodgefathersCourt 1

Ref: L 7:15 PM Court 1

Playoff Match B4

ThrowBoCop III7:45 pm
Aim For The Fat KidCourt 2

Ref: L 7:15 PM Court 2

Playoff Match C1

Winner of B18:15 pm
Winner of B2Court 1

Ref: L 7:45PM Court 2

Playoff Match C2

Winner of B38:15 pm
Winner of B4Court 2

Ref: L 7:45PM Court 1

Playoff Match D1

Winner of C19:15 pm
Winner of C2Court 1

Ref: Ref: 3 Refs from each team, HR TBD

Teams not scheduled to play: None
Teams with double header: None