FL Grove - Fall 2018 Schedule

Saturday, December 15th, 2018Download: Week | Season

Playoff Match A6

Evidence Based Ballers5Final

Ref: Forfeit

Playoff Match A2

Harvard Maintenance5Final
Pitch Please0

Ref: Forfeit

Playoff Match B4

Loose Cannons5Final
Bunting Uglies 0

Ref: Forfeit

Playoff Match B3

Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe 6Final
Evidence Based Ballers5

Ref: Eddy + 99 Problems

Playoff Match B1

Si Te Cojo, Te Mojo5Final
Harvard Maintenance0

Ref: Anthony + We Got the Magic Kick

Playoff Match A14

Pour Decisions8Final
We’ll Come On Your Base11

Ref: David + Sons of Pitches

Playoff Match A10

Trash Pandas6Final
Kicking Pelotas Mas Grandes8

Ref: Ivan + Sippin N Kickin

Playoff Match B2

Ballz Deep 4Final
99 Problems But a Pitch Ain't One5


Playoff Match B6

We Got the Magic Kick4Final
Don't Kick My Balls0

Ref: Anthony + Loser of B1

Playoff Match B7

Sons of Pitches6Final
We’ll Come On Your Base2

Ref: David + Loser of A14

Playoff Match B5

Sippin N’ Kickin10Final
Kicking Pelotas Mas Grandes2

Ref: Garrick + Loser of A10

Playoff Match C1

Si Te Cojo, Te Mojo17Final
99 Problems But a Pitch Ain't One7

Ref: Chuck + Loser of B2

Playoff Match B8

The Flying Dingleberries6Final
Meg City KC0

Ref: Rob or Raymond + Loser of B6

Playoff Match C2

Loose Cannons6Final
Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe 1

Ref: John + Loser of B7

Playoff Match C3

We Got the Magic Kick4Final
Sippin N’ Kickin2

Ref: Jen + Loser of B5

Playoff Match C4

Sons of Pitches8Final
The Flying Dingleberries1

Ref: Ivan + Loser of B8

Playoff Match D1

Si Te Cojo, Te Mojo4Final
Loose Cannons2

Ref: Eddy or Rob or David + Loser of C2

Playoff Match D2

Sons of Pitches11Final
We Got the Magic Kick1

Ref: Anthony or Garrick or Chuck + Loser of C4

Playoff Match E1

Si Te Cojo, Te Mojo8Final
Sons of Pitches1

Ref: All head refs

Teams not scheduled to play: 21 SAVAGES, Doses and Mimosas
Teams with double header: 99 Problems But a Pitch Ain't One, Evidence Based Ballers, Harvard Maintenance, Kicking Pelotas Mas Grandes, Loose Cannons, Pitch Don’t Kill My Vibe , Si Te Cojo, Te Mojo, Sippin N’ Kickin, Sons of Pitches, The Flying Dingleberries, We Got the Magic Kick, We’ll Come On Your Base