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"World Adult Kickball Association Launches Franchise Operation" Media Advisory Release - March 29, 2011

"WAKA Kickball ... Set to Begin Offering Franchises" Media Advisory Release - September 23, 2010

"World's Longest Kickball Marathon" Media Advisory Release - April 2nd, 2010

12th Annual Founders Cup® World Kickball Championship® Release – August 26, 2009




Fort Worth Weekly – For The Love Of The New Game: October 21, 2009 Mike Matthews nailed a line drive into right center field and made it to second base. His teammate followed that with a high fly to center, which the fielder caught for an out. When Matthews tagged up and raced for third, the center fielder hummed the ball to the shortstop, who fired it directly at Matthews. The ball missed him and rolled into the street, and the 27-year-old massage therapist headed to home plate. Whoa. How could a baseman get away with throwing directly at a base runner? Page 2 – Kickball Carnival In Las Vegas: October 16, 2009 No disrespect to slow-pitch softball players, but the World Adult Kickball Association's 12th annual Founders Cup last weekend -- the Super Bowl of adult kickball -- made your tournaments look like Bible studies.


San Diego Union-Tribune – Touching Base With Friends: October 22, 2009 “Jermaine! Jermaine!” yelled Paul Gonzales,38,of Scripps Ranch. Jermaine Ducksworth, 31, of Escondido looked up from the sidelines, where he was quickly chewing on his son's hamburger.


Fairfield Weekly – Just for Kicks: October 15, 2009 Nobody is really sure exactly who invented the game or when, but kickball became American kids' game of choice sometime around 1940. Who doesn't recall kicking that big red ball and (hopefully) watching it fly across the dusty schoolyard playground?


Soak Magazine – WAKA Kickball: October 12, 2009 Kickball. The name conjures up images of recess - schoolyards, screaming children and bouncy rubber balls. Fun was the name of the game back then. Today with our 80 hour work weeks and Blackberries that keep us lassoed to the company Exchange Server 24/7, recess time now consists of gulping down coffee and dreaming of being back on that playground, screaming with your friends and kicking that freakin' rubber ball into orbit with the bases loaded


Santa Barbara Independent – Kickin' It: October 8, 2009 For the first time in our city’s history, Santa Barbara will be represented by three teams in the World Adult Kickball Association Founders Cup, held this upcoming weekend in Las Vegas.


Orlando Sentinel – Orlando Club Bids For Kickball Crown in Vegas: October 7, 2009 Kickball isn't just for 8-year-olds anymore. Hundreds of adults across the country will descend upon Sin City on Saturday for a little child's play. There are 72 adult kickball teams traveling to Las Vegas to compete for the World Adult Kickball Association Founder’s Cup.


The Forecaster - Portland Kickball Teams Plays For National Title in Las Vegas: October 6, 2009 Portland’s All Stars Only kickball practices Monday evening at Payson Park in Portland. The team is heading to Las Vegas to compete Saturday in the World Adult Kickball Association Founder's Cup.


NBC Sports – Kick it - For Fun, Relationships And Free Beer: September 30, 2009 This weekend, they will come from every corner of the country to explore every nook and cranny of Sin City. They should feel quite at home there. After all, they are people who willingly associate themselves with names like Ballz Deep, Gone Nuckin' Futz, Multiple Scoregasms, Stewies Sexy Party, Tricky Bunnies, The Royal Tennenballs, Galactic Prophylactic, We Kick Your Balls and, of course, Valley GIRLS GIRLS GIRLS.


Los Angeles Daily News – Kickball - It's Not Just For Kids Anymore: September 28, 2009 This is now your mother's and father's game, as adult leagues have sprung up across the nation, including the Southland


Washington Examiner – Kickball - Kickball Title On The Line In Vegas: September 25, 2009 We all played kickball as kids but this week in Las Vegas there will a world class tournament going on including teams from all over the world October 10th at Desert Breeze Park in Las Vegas.


Houston Chronicle – Recreational Game Growing Quickly: September 3, 2009 Loosen up those arm muscles, tighten up the leg muscles and put your game face on. The World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA) is coming to town. Registration for the Texas Space City and Lightning Leagues has already begun. A WAKA league contains between four to 16 co-ed teams, or around 100-400 players per league.


San Francisco Examiner – Personal Best - Speedy Gazelle Kicks Team Higher: August 9, 2009 Tiffany Barnes is the sparkplug at the top of the lineup for the Killernutz. Playing in the 16-team Golden Gate League of the San Francisco World Adult Kickball Association, the Killernutz were perennial cellar dwellers before Barnes signed up for the spring 2008 season.




WAKA's Founders Cup 2009 on (Parts 1 & 2)





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