CS Marketing & PR Toolkit

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Welcome to the Customer Service Marketing & PR Toolkit
This page is designed to be a resource for members of the CS team as they work to promote WAKA in markets throughout the country. Below are downloadable templates and documents you can use to promote WAKA leagues. Before altering these or using them for something outside their intended purpose, please check with the Marketing & PR department through your CSM.

Sending requests to Marketing & PR
The Marketing & PR team can be contacted if there are specific requests that can not be met by the materials provided below. All requests should go through a CSM, who can then forward them on to the Marketing & PR team—in some cases, the CSM might be able to point a CSR toward resources that already exist. And the batching of similar requests by a CSM can help the Marketing & PR Department to work most efficiently with you and others in the organization.

For anything related to the news media and unpaid placements in the press, CSMs should send requests to press@kickball.com. For all marketing-related items, including anything dealing with advertising and paid content, CSMs should send requests to marketing@kickball.com

If the news media contacts you
If any journalist contacts you, please alert press@kickball.com before you provide the media contact any information. If you are a CSR, there is no need to send this through a CSM—please notify PR immediately and directly at the email address above and copy your CSM on the email. This does not include anything related to advertising, only contact from journalists.