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The questions below can be found on to quickly answer many of our customer's questions. We have included them below as a quick oversight of the WAKA experience.

General Disclaimer: These answers represent WAKA's standard and preferred practices, but do not constitute or imply restrictions on WAKA's options as we seek to provide the best possible experience for all our players.

Last updated 2/18/2014

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Store Questions

What is WAKA?

Founded in Washington D.C. by a few friends in 1998, as the World Adult Kickball Association (WAKA), now known as WAKA Kickball & Social Sports started the adult kickball craze with the first organized, widespread co-ed adult kickball leagues.

Today, WAKA is the world's largest adult social athletic organization and the world governing body of kickball. In business for over 13 years, WAKA Kickball & Social Sports has expanded beyond kickball and invites adults to join, play, and party with friends, old and new in various sports and activities. Since its inception, people in over 35 states have enjoyed the full WAKA Kickball & Social Sports social-athletic experience.

Through WAKA, adults of all ages meet new people, make new friends, stay active and enjoy great social events. WAKA offers opportunities for personal development through leadership, volunteerism and charity. All WAKA players get the same face-to-face interaction with like-minded people that is not easily found anywhere else. WAKA provides the fun that makes people happy. [Back to top]

Who joins WAKA?

Everyone 21 years of age or older is welcome to join WAKA Kickball & Social Sports. WAKA Kickball & Social Sports is truly co-ed with a 50/50 split between male and female participants. Most WAKA players are young professionals and young at heart, just looking to meet people and have fun with friends. [Back to top]

What are the rules of kickball?

It is like the elementary school game – the one with the big red playground ball. Play is similar to other base sports, only easier and open to all skill levels.

All WAKA kickball leagues adhere to kickball's "Official Rules of the Game," which is published by WAKA and governs all play, officiating, equipment and procedures. To review the latest rules, rules FAQ and policies please visit

A typical WAKA Kickball league contains between 4 and 18 co-ed teams — or around 100 to 468 players per league.

A WAKA Kickball season generally consists of seven to eight regular season games and a league championship tournament. Every team makes it to the league tournament. Teams are eligible to play in the Fun Games, Founders Cup Regional Tournaments and/or compete in the annual Founders Cup® World Kickball Championship where they can compete to be crowned World Kickball Champions. [Back to top]

What are the rules of dodgeball?

It is like the elementary school game. WAKA uses WAKA-branded foam rhino skin balls which are soft and provide fun play for everyone.

All WAKA dodgeball leagues adhere to the National Amateur Dodgeball Association [NADA] rules with some WAKA Amendments.

A WAKA Foam Dodgeball season generally consists of 7 regular season games and a league championship tournament.

Key rules are that the matches are 50 minutes. The team that wins the most games in the 50 minute match is the winner. Teams switch ends of the court after 25 minutes. A player hit by a ball is out. A player that has a ball caught by an opponent is out as well. When a team catches a ball in the air the first player in their outline returns to the game. A player must throw or discard a ball within 5 seconds. There must be 4 men and 4 women on the game floor at the start of each game. [Back to top]

How does WAKA contribute to the community?

WAKA provides an outlet for our participants to get involved with community charities. Leagues are encouraged to choose a local children-focused charity and donate time and/or collect funds for it throughout the season. [Back to top]

What are the benefits of playing WAKA?

In addition to playing games, WAKA Kickball & Social Sports offers players a unique social experience with built-in social activities, including happy hours, specials at league bars after games and parties organized by the league throughout the season. Players also have an opportunity to enjoy regional tournaments and a weekend of fun and excitement at the annual Fun Games and Founders Cup World Kickball Championship held in Las Vegas.

Kickball players can burn from 300-600 calories in an hour and dodgeball players can burn about 350 calories in a 50 minute game depending on the player’s weight and how intense the game is for the individual. Enjoying a sport such as kickball or dodgeball brings about great friendships, burns calories, and keeps the mind and body young.

Players build strong bonds through their WAKA experience. Some end up going on vacation together, becoming lifelong friends, networking, or even getting married!

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I want to join WAKA ! How do I start?

First, you will want to identify a WAKA league near you by visiting [Back to top]

Who is eligible to register to play with WAKA?

Everyone provided that they:

  • are at least 21 years old, or will be as of the first day of league games
  • have current adequate health insurance
  • register officially with WAKA.

You must be registered to play in the specific league and season and be on your Team’s roster in order to play in official WAKA games! [Back to top]

Can I register by myself? Can I register to play with my friends?

WAKA offers several registration options to ensure we can accommodate as many players as possible. During registration, you will be given the option to register yourself as a free agent, create a friend group or join an existing friend group. You can also register an entire group and pay for you and all of your friends. Lastly, you can register a group of people but not include yourself in that registration.

The first option to register yourself is our most widely used option! You can register as a Free Agent, start a new Friend Group, or join an existing Friend Group/Team. Individual players should register as Free Agents, and will be placed by WAKA onto Teams that need additional players. Friends looking to end up on the same Team should join the same Friend Group, and WAKA will make every effort to keep you together as the final Teams for the season are formed. If there is no room for your Friend Group within your League/Season of choice, WAKA will apprise you of alternative options.

To further assist you we have created the following videos detailing the registration process. To register as an individual, please watch: To register you entire group of friends and pay for all registrations please watch: [Back to top]

How do I start a Team?

First you need to form a Friend Group, and get all the players you recruit to join that Friend Group. WAKA will form Teams of optimal size based on the Friend Groups and Free Agents that register for the season. You'll be given an option to create a Friend Group after you create a Login and register for the League & Season of your choice. Then you can invite friends using the website tools available to you as a Friend Group moderator, or by instructing friends to request your Friend Group name when they register. To create a friend group after you have registered yourself, please watch: [Back to top]

What's the difference between a Friend Group and a Team?

A Friend Group is simply any number of players that want to play on the same Team. Friend Groups can range from as few as 2 players to the maximum team roster size for your selected sport or activity. WAKA will form Teams of optimal size based on the Friend Groups and Free Agents that register for the season. [Back to top]

How many players do I need in my Friend Group in order to become a Team?

The exact minimum threshold for promoting Friend Groups to Teams may vary with the circumstances of a given League/Season, but it is generally advisable to have at least 80% of the maximum team roster size for your selected sport and activity. Be cognizant of the co-ed ratios needed for game play. Please examine your local League webpage and/or consult with your WAKA Customer Service Representative for any specific registration guidelines for a specific league. WAKA reserves the right to augment Teams with additional players as WAKA deems appropriate. [Back to top]

Why does WAKA encourage larger team sizes?

Firstly, because each WAKA League is first and foremost an inclusive social club, the more players in the League, the more people there are to meet and party with. Secondly, because players will often need to miss games for various reasons, and large rosters make it much more likely that Teams will avoid forfeits and meet the minimum player requirement for each game. WAKA's team size policies are based on over a decade's experience in creating the best adult co-ed social athletic experience available! [Back to top]

What does the registration fee include?

Here is a partial list of the included benefits for WAKA players:

  • One full season of WAKA games, including the climactic League Tournament. Typically around 10 weeks of fun in all!
  • Multiple parties and other official League social and charity events
  • Discounts/Specials at the official League Bar, where players gather to socialize each week after games
  • WAKA team t-shirt for each participant (Sizes S-XXL available, or larger in some colors.)
  • All equipment to be used by league to play games (bags, balls, bases, cones, scorebooks, first aid kits, pumps, etc.)
  • League webpage hosting & maintenance (schedule, standings, social calendar, and all the info you need!)
  • Eligibility to qualify for exclusive WAKA Tournaments, including the annual Fun Games, Founders Cup Regional Tournaments and Founders Cup World Kickball Championship
  • Referee training and dedicated full-time Rules service, including Rules FAQs updated year-round
  • Facility permit costs, with lights, security, insurance, and other operating costs as required by the municipality or permitting office. WAKA is not responsible for any damage, loss, or theft incurred to personal property while participating
  • Customized online registration process with team management tools and personalized player cards
  • A league management structure of a Customer Service Representative and volunteer leaders, guided by WAKA's vast and exclusive expertise in forming unique social-athletic communities.

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What is WAKA's billing policy?

Registration fees are collected in full at the conclusion of the online registration process. [Back to top]

What is WAKA's refund policy?

WAKA does not offer refunds once you have registered for a league season, with the following exceptions:

  • the season is canceled before official league play begins
  • medical incapacity before the start of the league season (requires doctor's note to local customer service representative)
  • call-ups to military service before the start of the league season (requires documentation to local customer service representative)

By completing your registration, you agree to WAKA's Refund Policy. [Back to top]

I have a question/concern about billing...

Please contact your WAKA Customer Service Representative for assistance regarding any billing questions or concerns by visiting your league website or you can email [Back to top]

A friend registered for my Friend Group/Team but I don't yet see them on the roster...

Please allow 24 hours for newly registered players to appear on their desired roster. If the player has not turned up by then, contact your WAKA Customer Service Representative for assistance. [Back to top]

Can I be a Referee?

All WAKA Kickball and Dodgeball Referees are players within the league. If you are a player, be sure to let your Captain know you are interested in Referee duty! Not only does it provide a necessary service for the league and fulfill one obligation of your Team, but many leagues offer an incentive program for their best and busiest Refs. Experienced WAKA Kickball Refs also become eligible for the Founders Cup Certified Tournament Referee program—a chance to visit Las Vegas and help officiate games in the one and only World Kickball Championship! [Back to top]

My company would like to field a full Team, is that possible?

Yes! Contact your desired league's WAKA Customer Service Representative for details and instructions by visiting the league website. You can also direct your company to for more information. [Back to top]

What is WAKA's policy regarding weather conditions and if games will be played?

A typical WAKA Season consists of seven to eight regular season games and a league single elimination tournament. Games are always played subject to the prevailing weather conditions. Player safety is our primary concern, and, therefore, if conditions exist where it could be dangerous to play, or to continue to play, WAKA reserves the right to cancel or postpone games.

Field permitting authorities (typically, parks and recreation departments) have their own policies regarding field use at times of inclement weather and following periods of bad weather. WAKA will conform to all park policies regarding the use of fields, as outlined by the field permitting authority. If a permitting authority closes a field then the games will be canceled.

WAKA applies for field permits that allow for the full regular season of play, the league tournaments and, if the park authority allows for two additional weeks. These additional weeks allow for canceled games to be played. Occasionally this two week buffer is insufficient. In these instances, the additional lost games might not be played, resulting in fewer games than originally scheduled. [Back to top]

How do I subscribe/unsubscribe from a WAKA email list?

WAKA maintains numerous mailing lists, including the National Monthly Newsletter, and individual news/info lists for every league. To ensure that you are properly subscribed and unsubscribed to the league lists you desire, log in and visit your account page and look for the Email Subscriptions section. To subscribe or unsubscribe to the national monthly newsletter , click on the appropriate link. If you have forgotten your password, you can request a reset and a new one will be emailed to you. You can always subscribe to a new league list from that league's webpage—look for a link in the right hand column. [Back to top]

There is no league near me - how can I bring WAKA to my area?

If you'd like to bring WAKA to your area contact us and find out more information about franchising. For more information about franchising click here: [Back to top]

What is WAKA's policy on Team names?

WAKA team names may not contain reference or implication to political agenda, issue, candidates, elected officials, religion, or overt alcohol, drug, or sexual reference. WAKA retains the right to reject team names for any reason. [Back to top]

What is WAKA's drinking policy?

WAKA observes all laws and regulations governing the sale, purchase, consumption and serving of alcoholic beverages by all members of its community including Staff, Volunteers and Players, and expects these laws will be adhered to at all events associated with WAKA. This includes activities at game facilities, at special events, at WAKA-Sponsored parties and at the league sponsor bars. WAKA does not intend through this policy to restrict the responsible use of alcohol by members of the WAKA community who are at or above the legal drinking age of 21. However, we reserve the right to restrict any person from participation in WAKA sponsored events who abuses this policy or appears to be intoxicated. [Back to top]

I registered for a registration package that includes a second shirt. Can I change the size of my second shirt?

No, WAKA does not allow players to adjust the size of the second shirt in enhanced registration packages. This second shirt is designed to be a second shirt for that individual player so the size should be the same as the included shirt.

I just logged into to check on my order and it says "processing". Why has the order status not updated?

"Processing" means that your order has been sent to our warehouse for shipment. The majority of our orders ship the next business day. [Back to top]

Can I exchange store items for a different size?

Yes, items can be exchanged based on availability. Please email to get exchange information and forms. [Back to top]

What shipping options do I have for my items?

WAKA ships items via UPS Ground and USPS Parcel Select. UPS items typically take 2-3 days for the East coast; 3-4 days for the Midwest, and 4-6 days for the West Coast. USPS Parcel Select can take anywhere from 2-9 business days. You can expect faster delivery times for Parcel Select on the East coast versus the West coast. [Back to top]