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Flag Football: Official Rules of the Game

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Looking for how to play the game of flag football? Look no further.

Since spearheading the adult kickball movement, WAKA’s Rules (updated quasi-annually) have been the prevailing ruleset of the game we all know and love. You can find a printable PDF version of the WAKA Social Sports Flag Football rules on this page, linked at right. The most current and updated version of the rules are maintained on this web page – in the event of any discrepancy with other editions, the rules posted here shall prevail.

Keeping it Simple/Keeping it Thorough

WAKA’s philosophy is to keep the Rules as simple as possible, that new and casual players of all ages should be able to quickly pick up the play of the game. If you have any questions please email rules@kickball.com


Flag Football
Official Rules
of the Game 2014