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Get ready for the most amazing weekend ever.

Join 200 CLUBWAKA party animals as we do SUMMER CAMP!

May 31-June 2, 2019

Los Angeles National Forest

Your weekend will include:
- accommodations in air conditioned cabins with bathrooms and hot showers (gender specific)
- includes all meals Friday - Sunday (thursday option available)
- all you can drink beer all weekend
- themed parties 24/7
- live bands, awesome DJ's, and dance parties all weekend
- and, of course - COLOR WARS
- PARTY BUS AVAILABLE FROM LAX AIRPORT (additional fee required)

- camp proceeds go to support the Harold Robinson Foundation*

Camp activities and challenges such as:  ropes course, archery, fishing, golf, capture the flag, kickball, sloshball, dodgeball, basketball, giant jenga, sand volleyball, beer pong, flip cup, slip n flip, hiking, campfires, swimming, arts and crafts, obstacle courses, team lip sync show, and more!

All cabins/sleeping arrangements will be gender specific - yes, meaning boys and girls sleep in separate cabins. Seriously, don't even plan on sleeping. We've got that much fun planned.


HOW TO REGISTER:  (please read)
Everyone will be grouped in coed teams of 12-20, with a minimum 6 of each gender (this is for the weekend Color Wars Competition).   You can create your own team (minimum of 12), have a small group of friends, or join as a free agent.   CLUBWAKA Staff will communicate directly with you on your team/group rosters if you need to add players.   All team rosters must be finalized by May 15th.

Every team/player will receive a WAKA SUMMER CAMP shirt representing their team color.  Want dibs on your color of choice?  Get at least 12 players registered on your team to have 1st pick.

As far as sleeping arrangments, guys and girls will be separate.  Boys from the same team will be in the same cabin, and girls from the same team will be in the same cabin (we'll do the best we can with this).  Please note that you'll be sharing a cabin with another team of the same gender (cabins are 12 people per).   Each cabin features twin bunk beds (with mattress), a vanity area with 2 sinks, and a separate shower area and separate toilet.   You will need to bring your own bedsheet/sleeping bag, pillow, blanket, and toiletries.

CLUBWAKA Summer Camp is the best event for free agents.   The isolated nature of camp, as well as all of the planned icebreakers, social activities, and friendly games create an ideal environment for new connections and relationships to be made.   It really doesn't matter what team you're on - you will meet and make a ton of new friends.   CLUBWAKA Summer Camp has been rated as the company's #1 Customer Satisfied Event for 5 straight years because there's no better event to make so many new best friends and so many great memories.

PARTY PACKAGE (Friday - Sunday)
$499 - which includes all accommodations, all games, activities, equipment, camp guides/counselors, all meals, and all the beer you can drink from Friday through Sunday.  Prices go up at the end of each block. (
$399 Block 1, $449 Block 2, $499 Block 3).

$100 - For early bird campers, there will be a bonus Thursday evening option (check-in starts at 6pm).  Includes accomodations, dinner, drinks, and social games Thurday evening.  This is limited to only 50 people, so please email if interested.  
$55 - Magic Mountain Day with CLUBWAKA.   For all of you roller coaster enthusiasts, we'll be enjoying a day at Six Flags Magic Mountain once again.  Discounted tickets will be only $55 to enjoy a pretty empty roller coaster park with your camper friends.   Must email if interested in this option.

Talk to your friends and make plans now.   There are only a max of 216 spots. This will SELL OUT.

100% refunds will be provided for any cancellations at least 45 days prior (minus a $10 processing fee).

WARNING: IF you're the type of person who likes to sleep a lot, or likes peace and quiet, this is the wrong trip for you. Please be advised.

Round trip party bus picking up players from LAX on Friday (2pm) and leaving camp Sunday (3pm) and taking everyone to LAX.   Ride from airport should be 90 minutes.  Bus will have snacks and beer on board.   Final price will be based on number of passengers.   Email if you're interested in a party bus from LAX.

After your deposit, your balance should be $299 and is due by May 1st.   To pay your balance, CLICK HERE.

*Proceeds to CLUBWAKA Summer Camp help to support the Harold Robinson Foundation - a non-profit that helps underprivileged children the means, free of cost, to attend a safe, nurturing and non-competitive camp environment where they will experience nature and participate in diverse recreational programs designed to strengthen confidence and independence, build character, develop leadership skills, and build communities.

Summer Camp Saves Lives


When you register, you have the option to just pay a deposit and pay the balance later, or pay for everything in full right away.

Registering and booking your spot is very simple - the process is very similar to signing up for a kickball league.    Click the register button to get started.  If you already have a WAKA account, be sure to log-in.  If you do not have a WAKA account, you'll need to create one first.   Once logged in you will have the option to create your own FRIEND GROUP or join and existing one.    If you are the first person to sign up from your group, you will need to create and name your FRIEND GROUP.   This is how the rest of your teammates will be able to register and join the same FRIEND GROUP.   As soon as at least 12 people from your group has registered online, your FRIEND GROUP will be converted to TEAM status and your status will be officially confirmed.

FREE AGENTS:  Free agents, or people who do not already have roomates, are welcome to sign up.  Free agents will be placed on a first come first serve basis.    As with previous events (like the WAKA Cruise and Ski Trips), we are never short on free agents and easily fill up cabins/teams with other WAKA players.    If we cannot place you, you will get a full refund.  

REFUNDABLE DEPOSIT:   Your deposit or full payment is refundable up to 45 days prior to the event (minus a $10 processing and convenience fee).    After the 45 day mark, there will be no refunds.  

After your deposit, your balance should be $299 and is due by May 1st.   To pay your balance, CLICK HERE.

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Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$100Feb 29
$120Apr 4
$150May 29

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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