Los Angeles >> CA Westside - Fall 2015



  •  Games are on Monday nights (7PM - 10PM)
  •  We play @ Oakwood Rec Center
  •  We have what you are looking for no matter what level of experience or athleticism
  •  8 glorious games of kickball action + Playoffs 
  • What does 'No Bunting' mean? It means BIG... SWINGIN'... KICKS!!!
  • Registration: Starts at $78/person and includes your team shirt, field permits, league equipment, awesome parties & MORE! 
  • Post game parties w/ CLUBWAKA specials at our league bar Brennan's LA! 
  • Game times: Monday nights at 7pm, 8pm and 9pm (times subject to change depending on league size)
  • All games will have a 50 minute time limit with UNLIMITED innings. That means more playing time for everyone!

*Teams that forfeit 3 or more times in a season will be disqualified from postseason, at Community Coordinator discretion

  • August 12- AUGUST 14th, Deadline Extended! LAST DAY FOR EARLY BIRD REGISTRATION 
  • September 3 - NO GAMES (Labor Day) TEAM REGISTRATION ENDS* 
  • September 5th- Price Bump- Late Registration Fees kick in so don't wait until then the sign up!!
  • September 10 - Week 1 + SEASON KICKOFF PARTY! Free Pitchers for every team @ Brennan's! 
  • September 17 - Week 2
  • September 24 - Week 3
  • October 1 - Week 4
  • October 8 - NO GAMES (Columbus Day)
  • October 15 - Week 5
  • October 22 - Week 6
  • October 29 - Week 7 
  • November 5 - Week 8 
  • November 12- NO GAMES (Veteran's Day) 
  • Novmember 19- Playoffs
  • November 26th- Playoffs

Team Deadline (2 weeks before start):  All Teams with a minimum of 18 players on their roster and a min of 8 per gender by this date will not be given any Free Agents.  Teams that hit this deadline will also be given 2 FREE PITCHERS at Brennan's the first week of games.

Team Registration Ends (One Week before Start): Registration will be password protected and No New Teams will be allowed after this date. Any players registered after this date will be considered a Free Agent and will be placed on a team based on roster sizes and gender ratios. Register by this date to ensure you get a spot on your team of choice.  

Why all the changes? These new deadlines are being put in place all across SoCal to allow us to Deliver the BEST to YOU. That includes more time to have T-shirts & League Schedules to you in a timely manner! By encouraging our teams to get signed up early, it will not only save you money, but will give us a better idea on where the league stands before it's too late. It gives us the extra time needed to recruit rookies and free agents to help make all of our leagues full and fun. It's definitely going to take some getting used to, but in time it will be second nature! Trust me, we don't want ANY of you paying the highest price! We just want you to sign up EARLY!

NO IDEA WHAT YOU ARE GETTING YOURSELF INTO? No Problem! Click below for some videos made by people that show how much they and others love the game. CLUBWAKA offers not only a great kickball experience but a chance to try new sports, become part of a fun and friendly community, and be a part of the many events and parties that CLUBWAKA offers.
NOTE: *All players without teams will be placed & all friend groups not at team status will be merged


  • Pints $5 
  • Bud Light Pitchers $10
  • Cocktails $7
  • Pretzel $6
  • Pizza Knots $8
  • Pizza & Beer Combo $15 

CLUBWAKA SoCal, please welcome Chipotle as our new partner!

Chipotle will also participate in CLUBWAKA's Summer Camp and select SoCal events.  Stay tuned for more information as our new partner Chipotle provides special offers and free giveaways for CLUBWAKA SoCal!

The fun & action isn't all on the field! Every week all players are invited to our official league post game host bar. Whether you are looking to meet more of your fellow league mates or want to play some flip cup, make sure you come to the the bar after your games and join in on the fun!

This season we will be partying at

This season we will be playing at

Oakwood RC 767 California Ave.


# GP W L T Pts Pct RA
Tequila Mockingbirds 8 6 1 1 6.50 .812 10
Pet1te Tornadoes 8 6 1 1 6.50 .812 13
Better Set of Balls 8 6 2 0 6.00 .750 17
Suck My Kick 8 6 2 0 6.00 .750 25
Bangkick Dangerous 8 5 1 2 6.00 .750 24
Ballcuzzi 8 5 3 0 5.00 .625 27
THE MONDAY MISFITS 8 3 5 0 3.00 .375 44
Kicktease: Revival 8 3 5 0 3.00 .375 45
Beach Bums 8 0 7 1 -0.25 -.031 81
GLBWKI 8 0 7 1 -0.25 -.031 95
hashtag-KICKPIC: A Comeback Story 8 1 7 0 -0.50 -.062 82

WAKApalooza Weekend 2016

WAKApalooza Weekend is more than just a kickball tournament. Taking place each year in Las Vegas, Nevada, WAKApalooza Weekend is a five-day party experience with both the most competitive, and crazy fun kickball enthusiasts in the nation. Join us in Las Vegas for kickball, beer pong, flip cup, night club parties, pool parties, and more! To get in on the action, start here for more information!

New for 2016, WAKApalooza is proud to present the Kickball Open - a kickball tournament that combines the competitiveness of Founders Cup with the social atmosphere of the Fun Games. The Kickball Open is the ideal way to capture the perfect balance of the WAKApalooza Weekend spirit: competition and fun.

Get your hotel room at the official WAKA Host Hotel here!

For those interested in high-level competitive play, the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship is for you. Here's what you need to know about qualifying out of this League and Season of Play...

WAKA Founders Cup Eligibility policy for CA Westside - Fall 2015:

  • Both the Champion and Runner-Up teams of this Season's League Tournament will qualify for Founders Cup participation, and may activate their bid for a slot in the tournament (while available) by contacting tournaments@kickball.com with the qualifying Team name and Season of Play for which they would like an invitation. For more information see http://www.kickball.com/nvfounderscup.

Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$75Sep 15
$80Sep 28
$85Oct 10

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

Latest News

Complete Season Schedule: https://westsidekickball.files.wordpress.com/2015/11/westside-schedule-fall-2015-with-dates.pdf

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Community Coordinator


Bangkick Dangerous
Beach Bums
Better Set of Balls
hashtag-KICKPIC: A Comeback Story
Kicktease: Revival
Pet1te Tornadoes
Suck My Kick
Tequila Mockingbirds

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