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Welcome Kickballers! The 5th Annual CLUBWAKA Connecticut Charity Tournament will be Saturday June 2nd, 2018 in East Hartford, CT at Rentschler Field! This is a one-day charity kickball tourney with proceeds to benefit Muscular Dystrophy Association, an organization leading the fight to free individuals - and the families who love them - from the harm of muscular dystrophy, ALS and related muscle-debilitating diseases that take away their physical strength, independence and life. 


Note: If you are looking for registration details on the competitive division tournament on June 2nd, click here.

Tournament Details

Tourney Date/Time: Saturday June 2rd, 2018, (9AM - 3PM)
Registration/Deadline: Tuesday, May 15th, 2018 (for tourney logo T-shirt)
Friday, May 25th, 2018 (for generic CLUBWAKA T-shirt)
Location: 615 Silver Ln, East Hartford CT 06118 (Rentschler Field) parking map
Cost: $45/player on or before April 27th
$50/player on or before May 14th
$55/player on or before May 31st
Uniforms: T-Shirts are included in the cost, but accessorize as needed!
After Party (7PM)

Free beer, free drinks, and free food for Registered Tournament Players!  All others (ie guests) are $15 at the door.  (Includes admission, beer, drinks & food!)
Join the party event on facebook and share it with your friends!


Registering for the Connecticut Charity Tournament is just like registering for a CLUBWAKA team.  If you are a captain, you'll create a friend group and then have your friends register and select your team from the dropdown.  If you are a free agent or small group just looking to join the fun, no worries, sign up and we'll find you a team!

Your team can consist of as many players you wish, but just make sure you have the minimum requirements to field a team, per the standard CLUBWAKA rules.  We recommend at least 14 players on your roster with a minimum of 5 girls and 5 guys.  Tournament T-Shirts are included in the $45, but accessorize and get as spirited as needed!  After all, this is CLUBWAKA Kickball and that's what we do!  Your captain will have the choice of T-shirt color after registration closes.

Teams will still play three games during the tournament. At check in, we’ll be asking the captains to write down one Wacky rule that they would be willing to play during their game. We’ll put them into a hat and when the captains do Rock-paper-scissors, the losing captain will pick a piece of paper out of the hat. Both captains have to agree on the rule. If they don’t agree, there is ONE ‘repick’. Be wary that whatever rule that second pick is, you’ll have to play the game by! This will take place on each field. Examples are: Play cup/water bottle in hand. No bunting. Kick with opposite foot. So start thinking now of those wacky rules.

We’re adding a TAILGATE TROPHY! Playing on the charity side usually means you’re looking to have some fun playing kickball, donate to a great cause and still like to win. Well we want to see the best tailgating team out there! With teams coming from out of state as well as our local CT leagues, we’re looking for teams to get creative and one-up each other! We like to think we have some of the best tailgaters around (Fireballerz from our Thursday Hartford kickball league has done a slip n flip for playoffs in the past) so we want to see how other leagues and their teams party!
Points will be tallied based on three categories:

  1. Captains will submit a ranking each team’s tailgates, with the input of their teammates of course. We have a max of 12 teams, so you’ll rank them 1-12. These will have to be handed in before 2PM. This will give Josh and Katie (our two event coordinators) time to tally the scores. First gets 12 points, second 11 points and so on and so forth.
  2. Compete in our relay race that will take place during lunch! You’ll need a total of 7 players to compete in five legs of a continuous race (two of the legs will require two people to work together). Scoring again will be awarded: 12 for first, 11 for second down to 1 point for 12th. So start thinking of who on your team you want representing your team! Details for the 5 legs of this race will be shared in the welcome email.
  3. Participate in the scavenger hunt! There will be 12-15 items/tasks/etc listed. Your team will have until 2PM complete as many of the listed items as possible! You’ll turn in your sheet and proof so your score can be tallied.

‚ÄčThese three categories will determine who wins the inaugural Tailgate Trophy for the CT Charity Tourney!

**We’ll two sheets for you at check in. One with the teams listed and the second for the scavenger hunt.**

8:00AM:    Captains Meeting
9:00AM:    Pool Play Round 1
10:00AM:  Pool Play Round 2
11:00AM:  Pool Play Round 3
12:00PM:  Lunch
1:00PM:    Pool Play Round 4
2:00PM:    Pool Play Round 5
7:00PM:    Post Tourney Party @ The Russian Lady! (see below for details)

-Each team will have 3 pool play games, with one bye round.
-Teams on their bye round will be expected to ref the other games.
-Games will be 6 innings OR 50 minutes, whichever comes first.

Would you or your company like to sponsor the tourney? Check out our sponsorship opportunities!

Sponsor Full Team:  $45/player (suggested minimum of 14 players)
Sponsor a Field: $150 (Your company's name on the field sign) (multiple available)
T-Shirt Sponsor (small):  $200 (Your company's logo on the back of all CT Charity Tourney T-Shirts)
T-Shirt Sponsor (large): $300 (Your company's logo on the back of all CT Charity Tourney T-Shirts)

Interested in another type of sponsorship?  lets us know we can work with you!

Contact Janice at Janice@kickball.com for all sponsorship questions.

The post game-party is a combined party with the CT Thunder, CT Lightning, & CT Star local CLUBWAKA Kickball, Sand Volleyball, and Flag football leagues (over 1500 players between all leagues!)   All Registered Tournament players get FREE beer, FREE Drinks, & FREE food (while supplies last so make sure you get there when the party starts).

Join the party event on facebook and share it with your friends!

Where: Russian Lady
When: Party starts at 7PM, goes til 2AM
Details: The Russian Lady is one of Hartford's largest and most popular venues. We have reserved the upstairs Billiards room, the Vodka room, and the rooftop bar for our group. The rooftop also has a grill where they will be serving grilled chicken, hamburgers, hot dogs, etc. Pizza will be available in the Billiards room from 7PM-9:30PM. DJ's will playing on both the rooftop and the Billiards room starting at 9PM. 

Are you an out of town team or just want a place to crash after the party on Saturday night?

In additional, there are 4 other hotels are in walking distance of the party if the Homewood suites were to sell out.

Radisson Hotel Downtown
50 Morgan Street. Hartford, CT 06120
(860) 549-2400

Residence Inn Hartford Downtown
942 Main Street
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 524-5550

Hilton Hartford
315 Trumbull Street
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 728-5151

Holiday Inn Express Hartford - Downtown
440 Asylum Street
Hartford, CT 06103
(860) 246-9900



The best part about partnering with the MDA this year is that they will be hosting one of their walks on the same day! They will have participants at Rentschler, who after their walk, will come over and cheer us on. Just as we're excited to work with them, they are just as excited to work with us!
Here is the link to their event:


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