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Hello CLUBWAKA CT!  Get ready for the biggest and best CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night of the season!

With the success of our UConn Football Super Tailgate, we are looking to roll that momentum into another UConn game. As we Connecticans know all so well, we bleed blue! So what better way to attend a UConn Hockey game, than to attend it with your closest CLUBWAKA friends!

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We have worked out an awesome deal with UConn & the XL Center to host our very own CLUBWAKA night Friday, December 9th! We will have our very own section at the game, white CLUBWAKA T-shirts, and have worked out bar specials with Russian Lady for before AND after the game!! There's a lot to explain, so we've compiled this FAQ which we think is the best way to answer the questions on how this awesome event will go down!


Q:  What is the CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night?
A: CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night is a pre-game, during the game, and post-game party split between the Russian Lady and the XL Center. UConn is playing UMASS with a start time of 6:30PM. This includes specials at Russian Lady to pre-game, a ticket in our "CLUBWAKA" section at XL Center and specials post game at Russian Lady! Also included in a white CLUBWAKA T-shirt!  Click here to join the facebook event and invite your friends!

Q: When is the CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night?
A: Friday, December 9th starting at 4PM! We will be meeting at Russian Lady where they will be offering us drink and food specials to pre-game. The actual game starts at 6:30PM! We encourage everyone to get there early to maximize the pre-game specials at Russian Lady but you can arrive any time after 4PM!

Q: Where is the game and where do we park?
A: The pre-game party is at Russian Lady; 191 Ann Uccello St, Hartford CT 06103. The actual game is at the XL Center; 1 Civic Center Plaza, Hartford CT 06120. The post-game party will be back at Russian Lady! If you are there by 4PM, you should be able to find some parking on the street, if not, there are a few parking garages and lots near Russian Lady and the XL Center.

Q: How much does it cost to register and what does that include?
A: Registration is $28 and includes the following:
-A White CLUBWAKA T-shirt
-A UConn
 game ticket in our very own CLUBWAKA section (ticket value is $19)
-Specials at Russian Lady - We will have a keg of Bud Light for the pregame that is 100% free!!! 
-NOTE: the $28 price DOES NOT include parking. We encourage you to carpool to cut down on the cost/person for parking!

Q: How to do I buy a ticket/register for CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night?
A: To register for CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night, click here!

Q: When is the deadline to register for CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night?
A: The registration deadline is Friday, November 25th for the CLUBWAKA WhiteT-shirt. If you miss this deadline, you can still register by Wednesday, December 7th but the price will be $33. The $5 difference will be donated to the Ryan Martin Foundation. We strongly encourage you to get registered by November 25th so you don't miss out!

Q: What if I miss both of the registration deadlines? Can I still take part in the event?
A: Yes. Anyone/Everyone is welcome to attend to the organized pre-game party. However, you'll be on your own to find a game ticket (which will not be seated in the CLUBWAKA section) and you won't be able to get a T-shirt.

Q: When/Where do I get my ticket and my T-shirt after I register?
A: You can pick up your T-shirt and game ticket on Wednesday, December 7th, or Thursday, December 8th at Nomads in South Windsor @7:30PM -OR- you can pick-up your ticket and T-shirt at the pre-game party at Russian Lady on December 9th starting at 4PM. Be sure to have your ID with you. You can only pick up your ticket and T-shirt.

Q: How can I assure my friends and I will be seated together at the game?
A: The tickets will be distributed Wednesday, December 7th, or Thursday, December 8th at Nomads in South Windsor @7:30PM -OR- you can pick-up your ticket and T-shirt at the pre-game party on the day of the event. So as long as everyone in your group is present when you pick up the tickets, we will give you your tickets all seated next to each other in the CLUBWAKA section.

Q: What should I bring to CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night?
A: Just yourself! Russian Lady will offer us pre-game and post-game specials on alcohol and food!

Q: What time should I arrive at CLUBWAKA-UConn Hockey Night?
A: The pre-game will start at 4PM at Russian Lady!

If you have any additional questions, don't hesitate to reach out to Janice Lemieux or Colin O'Connor.

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