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Open Call for mini golf lovers! Registration is OPEN for this league. So, lace up your tennis shoes, throw on some knickers, join the fun, and don't miss your chance to play in a social putt putt league. Sign up now to participate in WAKA Social Sports which is one of the fastest growing social sport communities in America. All individuals are welcome to play! WAKA brings games, parties, and friends together into one national sport and social club. With more and more people to meet, great parties, kickball tournaments, and events throughout the U.S., there's never been a better time to play mini golf! Check below for more details. See you on the course!

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For everyone interested and to those that have played WAKA kickball or dodgeball before:

  1. Team match play will be the main event each week starting anywhere from 6:30 - 7:00PM.
  2. Individual play will occur each week after match play around 7:30.
  3. Your team will play against a different opponent every week.
  4. Your team will break off into pairs of two and play up to three matches.
  5. Teams are groups of 6 players or more and the max is at 10 players.
  6. A minimun of two girls is required on the roster, but they do not need to be there every week.
  7. Silly golf attire is encouraged, but not required.
  8. The sponsor bar is Shamrock and there will be a 19th hole set up to see what teams hits the most hole in ones. It will help your score if you beat your opponent on this hole.




If you have any questions, please email us at

This season we will be playing at

City Putt Miniature Golf Course.

Mini Golf! This mini golf league is looking for volunteers to help make this season a great one! If you’d like to take charge, have a say, and become more involved in your putting experience, contact your league representative and get involved today. No matter what your talent is, we have a space for you!


This year we will be sponsoring:
TBD Local Charity.

Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$72Mar 9

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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