MO Kansas City - Spring 2011




WAKA isn't just a place to play kickball - it's a place to have FUN!


Saturday April 26th
Location + Charity details coming soon!
OPEN event - bring your friends!
Free drinks + just a $5 entry donation for the Flip Cup Tournament




WAKA is not just a place to play kickball but a place to have FUN!

We will have social events throughout the season for everyone to get together, get to know each other better, and have a blast! Theme nights are highly encouraged because there is nothing more awesome than costumes and kickball!!






This season we will be partying at

This season we will be playing at

Don’t Just Kick the Ball, Be the Ball! This kickball league is currently looking for volunteers to help make this kickball season a great one! If you’d like to take charge, have a say, and become more involved in your kickball experience, contact your league representative and get involved today. No matter what your talent is, we have a space for you!


This year we will be sponsoring:
Operation Breakthrough.

Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$70Apr 19

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

Latest News

Registration is closed for the Spring 2011 season. Keep an eye out for Fall registration information.

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Community Coordinator


Balls n Dolls
Catch It Girl!
El Guapo: La Leyenda Regresa
Multiple Scoregasms
Operation Thunder Balls
Redball and Vodka
Rubber Busters
Scandalously Dusty
The Jiminy Kick-Its
Where My Beer At?
Where my Pitches at?

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