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Welcome Ballers! 

Lace up your sneakers, join the fun, and don't miss your chance to relive your playground glory! Kickball is a great way to way to meet new people, have fun with friends & co-workers, and party! Sign up as a team, small group or free agent! WAKA kickball is the best social club in ABQ with lots of social activities, parties, themes, and fun!

League Information

NM Mesa Kickball is co-ed, adult competitive kickball. We play an 8 week regular season on Thursday nights plus an all day Saturday Tournament. Fall games are played at 6:30pm and 7:30pm each Thursday.

Some play for fun, some play to win. Anyway you look at it, there is a place for you here at ABQ WAKA Kickball.

Cost:  $72 until June 6th, then $77 - Includes 9 Weeks of games + All Day Saturday Tournament, T-Shirt, Entry to two awesome season parties w/free drinks!
Teams: 16-20 people per team is optimal. 26 people per team max
Free Agents: Don't have a team yet? That's ok! We can help you find the perfect spot. Whether you are super competive or just wanna party, we've got room for you! Register early for placement with friends or preferred teams.

Registration Information

First time? Check out our quick registration tutorial here!

Are you a captain or an aspiring captain wondering about how to start a team?

  • First, begin the registration process for yourself.
  • On the registration page start a "friend group" using the "I'd like to make a new group so my friends can play with me" option under Team Preferences.
  • Name it and then tell all your buddies to sign up in that group using the drop down that pops up once they select "My friends have already created a group for the season, let me join them."
    • If you make the group private it will not show up in the drop down menu. You, instead, will use the shareable link to give your friends to register.
  • Your friend group will become a team once your group has 12 players (minimum of 4 male and 4 female players)

Thinking your company would be interested in sponsoring a whole team? We have an easy registration option for this on the registration page. Or contact your Community Coordinator for more information!

Did something happen on the fields or at the bar? Click here to submit an incident report. Your responses will be anonymous if you wish. 

This season we will be partying at

This season we will be playing at

Da' Ballers

Glam Rockin' the nite away

Thanks for everyone that came out to rock out at Library this past Friday. I was stoked to see all the costumes and oddly-hot crimpt ponytails. No those of you who didn’t shame on you party poppers! I saw many of you taking pictures as I will gladly add these to the website to show the entire WAKA world our NM spirit. I have some snapshots of my own that I will post but I am sure, by the looks of the high tech cameras, that you have even better ones. A special thanks goes out to the glam rockers who won best dressed and I hope that you enjoy the snuggie and KISS poster.

Upcoming Spring Season

We are going to take a brief hiatus until late March/early April as the weather improves. I know that you guys want to play just as much as I do so I will try to get us started as soon as possible. Keep this timeframe in mind as we wait for more evening daylight. I will try to get the word out as to where we play and where we party as soon as possible. Stays tuned for the details and watch your inbox.

All Star Shirts

For those of you who didn't pick-up your shirts I will have them for you the next event as another kickoff party may be in order. If you don't pick them up soon I may be forced to hand them out as prizes so don't forget.

Da' Ballers Trophy

I plan on starting a new tradition with the "NM Ballers Plaque of Fame". This new trophy will state the winner of the regular season and playoff champs every season. This way the teams that win will be forever immortalized. I will display this at the beginning of next season party so that you can strive for something a little special.

Let me know if have any questions as I hope that I see each and everyone of you next season.

Da' Commiss
Gavin Leach
NM WAKA Representative

Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$18Dec 30

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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See you at the next game!

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Gray Team
Howies Heavers
Kegel Krushers
Kickin-it Old School
Less Think, More Drink
Slow Yer Roll
Team Zissou
The Seuss Sayers
The Talleywackers

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