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This season we will be partying at

This season we will be playing at

Spring 2009 Board of Directors

President - Trey McGlohn
Head Ref - Jaried Frogosa
Charity Chairperson - Melissa Karns

Don’t Just Kick the Ball, Be the Ball!

Every season there are people that work hard to make your league run smoothly. There are people that step up and take an active role to make this the best experience it can be, and Spring 2009 is going to be no exception. Here are just a few of the roles that need to be filled. Will you be the one to step up and do the job?

- Social Chairperson and Assistants
- Newsletter Editor and Columnists
- Webmaster
- Field set up/tear down crew
- Head Referee and Ref Committee

If you are interested in taking on one or more of these roles for the upcoming season, or if you feel that there is another capacity in which you can be an asset to the league, please contact Kelly "Froggy" Frogosa. "No matter what your talent, we have a place for you."

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Drink Responsibly

CLUBWAKA encourages everyone to drink responsibly and ensure you have a safe ride home.

Price per Player

Good Through

$67Dec 30

Registration will close early if league capacity is reached.

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Community Coordinator


Alpha Omega
Ball Breakers
Crazy Kickers
Do What You Want
Frosty Balls
I'd Hit It
Make it Rain
Team Blackout, version IV
The Chris Brown Backhand
Tiki Titans
Yo Momma

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