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KICKBALL: Official Rules of the Game

[Copyright 1998-2012 WAKA]

Looking for how to play the game of kickball? Look no further.

WAKA is the world authority and governing body of kickball. Since spearheading the adult kickball movement, WAKA’s Rules (updated quasi-annually) have been the prevailing ruleset of the game we all know and love. You can find a printable PDF version of the rules on this page, linked at right. The most current and updated version of the rules are maintained on this web page – in the event of any discrepancy with other editions, the rules posted here shall prevail.

Keeping it Simple/Keeping it Thorough

WAKA’s philosophy is to keep the Rules as simple as possible, that new and casual players of all ages should be able to quickly pick up the play of the game. As an aid to even more thorough exploration of Rules nuances, we also maintain a Rules FAQ page. If you have questions about the proper interpretation or execution of a rule, be sure to make the Rules FAQ page your first stop! The FAQ will be updated as new questions emerge, and it also contains full details on how your league can ask questions and even make rules suggestions for the future.

About the 2012 edition

The September 2012 release of the Official WAKA Rules reflects a separation of “Kickball Rules” from "WAKA Policies" - this will render the Rules more applicable as a stand-alone document for all contexts in which Kickball may be played (see Licensing). The "Policy" items removed are being addressed in other places - Notably THIS LINK to global default policies - and where local variations exist, please consult your local League page.

Other changes to the ruleset this year are aimed at clarifying issues we have found prone to misinterpretation. A downloadable guide to select highlights is available here: Highlights of the 2012 Edition.


WAKA’s rules are protected by U.S. copyright, but available for everyone to use under a free license, as outlined on page 1 of the rulebook. Please follow the instructions therein, and feel free to utilize and adapt these rules to whatever context you’d like to play some kickball!


Official Rules
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