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5 Ways to Meet New People This Season

It's no secret that CLUBWAKA leagues and activities are a great way to meet fun new people. Here are 5 ways you can branch out and meet new people with a CLUBWAKA league or activity:  

A great story from a WAKA Kickball player

I wanted to take a moment to tell a quick story...

I was born and raised in Anaheim Hills, California. I've lived here my entire life. I've been actively involved with Waka for several years now and have met countless friends while playing in several different leagues.

Last season, I met a wonderful young woman through Waka and we have been dating for several months now. Unfortunately, she receently got laidoff and decided to move back home to the San Fransisco Bay area and asked me to join her. Now understand that I've lived my entire life within a five mile radius so the thought of leaving everything I've ever known is somewhat terrifying to me. One of my biggest reluctances to move is the fact that I'll be leaving all of the friends I've had my whole life.

Great testimonials for WAKA Kickball

Two pieces of press for WAKA Kickball from California last week featured some nice quotes.

In a San Jose Mercury News article on WAKA one player says, “I originally got involved because I heard about it from a friend who was starting a team. I fell in love with it. I’ve never done anything else that’s so fun and attracts so many amazing people.” Another player and team captain is quoted in the article as saying, "I really encourage people to try kickball. It's a great way to meet people and have some fun in the process." And the author, who is one of our players, calls joining WAKA the "best decision ever!"

WAKA Kickball on NBC Washington DC

WAKA's DC kickball leagues were the subject of a great piece by NBC Washington.

Video on "Kickball: It's (Still) Not Just For Kids"

Check it out at that link and please share that with anyone you think might be interested (there are social sharing buttons right on that NBC Washington page or here on this blog post). The story includes mention about WAKA being a great way to meet new people, our players charity work and even mentions World Kickball Championship Weekend in Las Vegas.

College roommates reunited through WAKA Kickball

A guest post from Christine in WAKA's TX Liberty kickball league:

"One reason I joined WAKA Kickball was to make new friends, but I never expected to be reunited with on old one.

Last week, despite our best efforts, the Bad Decision Bears lost another kickball game. Feeling a little defeated I was tempted just to go home but I decided to cheer up and go to the McKinney Avenue Tavern, the designated kickball bar hangout.

As we were about to go inside, I heard a girl scream “Stine?”, my nickname from college. I turned and saw somebody I never thought I would see there – my college roommate freshman year, Jessie.

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