New CLUBWAKA Sports Leagues to try in May

May is a particularly delightful month to get outside and play! From volleyball on the sunny beaches of Ft. Lauderdale, to working up a sweat on the dodgeball court in Houston, CLUBWAKA’s new social sport leagues have everything you need let loose after work and add adventures to your weekend.

Here’s a look at 5 new leagues starting in May: 

Daily Habits That Will Make You Happier

What do you do when you get home from work?

Check your phone. Check your email. Check your social media. Catch up on your Nextflix queue... whatever it is, it's probably something with a computer. And, that's lovely. We all know a little screen time can be a great way to decompress but is it going to make you happier?! 

Assuming you're like most of us who want to live our best, most fun lives - skip the streaming and schedule time to get out and play.

7 WAKA Social Sports to Try this Fall

In addition to WAKA’s vibrant kickball community, we’ve got all kinds of social sports leagues starting this fall. You’ll get all the fun of WAKA league parties, theme weeks, and charity events while discovering a new favorite game! Check out the Fall league schedule and sign up for WAKA Kickball & Social Sports today!

Take the lead & start a spring WAKA team today!

Spring is right around the corner and it's your time to shine!

Be the office hero and put a company WAKA team together. Round up your friends from college. Tell the neighbors it's time to schedule some fun. Sign up as a free agent and make a whole group of new friends.

Whatever your story for spring will be, the time to get started on it is now.

Search by state to find leagues near you and round up your group while there's still time. Take the lead and start that team today!

Big news about WAKA & Nike

We have some big news coming next week about WAKA and Nike. Stay tuned to Facebook, Twitter and this blog post for more details Monday and Tuesday! Have a great weekend!

Update (Tuesday, February 28): Keep an eye on your email late tonight for some news about this.

Update (Wednesday, February 29): If you aren't on our email list to get the news, here are all the details on our partnership with Nike and the new WAKA Nike gear that's available from now until March 13.

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How WAKA is using Pinterest

Yesterday, we started a WAKA account on Pinterest and quickly found some people following our WAKA Baked Goods pinboard, where we share pictures of all the great kickball-themed cakes and cookies our creative players bake.

We've since added three other pages on Pinterest:

Find spring kickball and dodgeball leagues

Spring WAKA Kickball and Dodgeball leagues are open in many states. 

Find yours on the list below and get signed up soon!

New video on social sports franchise opportunities

Check out our new YouTube video on WAKA's social sports franchise program.

Don't forget, we’ll give you $2,000 through our franchise referral program if you send an owner/operator our way.

Spring kickball in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

Spring 2012 Registration is NOW OPEN for our DC Area Leagues!

Quick links:
Washington, D.C. Kickball Leagues

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