WAKA Dodgeball continues to grow

After launching late last year, WAKA newest social sport, adult dodgeball, continues to grow!

There are currently WAKA Dodgeball leagues open for registration in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas and Virginia, with even more to come. And WAKA uses soft play dodgeballs (pictured here on the left), so you don’t get stung like in grade school.

Florida winter social sports options

Good morning to the many WAKA fans in sunny Florida!

Here are just a few of the winter kickball league options we have available there right now...

Two Texas dodgeball leagues start next week!

Two of our new dodgeball leagues start up next week!

And here are others we have starting up soon...

Calling all HR is the time to schedule fun for 2012!

We love hearing from people whose company started a WAKA team! It's a great way to get employees together in a relaxed social situation and bonding outside the office. And you get to hang out with other fun teams in the official league bar after your games each week.

We also talk to some HR directors who find out about WAKA and say things like, "Wow, an office kickball team! I need to look into that!" Well, now is the time.

You can still get a WAKA kickball by Christmas!!!

The Christmas ordering deadline for the WAKA Store has passed, but there is still a way you can get the Official WAKA Kickball in time for everyone on your list (seriously, buy a dozen...we'll make more) before Xmas.

Dick's Sporting Goods, which also sells our kickball in their retail locations, has the WAKA ball available on their website and Dick's guarantees delivery by December 23.

Winter kickball & dodgeball just weeks away!

The winter WAKA season is upon us and we have both indoor and outdoor options for you! Here are just a few of the winter kickball and dodgeball leagues we currently have open for registration. Don't wait until January to get signed-up -- some of these are filling up quickly!

Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and Portland Dodgeball Registration Open

Atlanta, Austin, Dallas and Portland all have co-ed WAKA Dodgeball leagues open for registration right now. We use soft-play dodgeballs (pictured on the left), not the kind from elementary school that stung so bad! And each league has a bar that the teams head to afterward, just like with WAKA Kickball. Get your friends together for some WAKA Dodgeball or come and meet great new people too! Sign-up through the links below.

GA Atlanta Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Friday, February 3rd - Atlanta

TX Riverside Dodgeball - Regular Season starts Wednesday, January 11th - Austin

Winter kickball and dodgeball filling up fast!

Most of our winter kickball and dodgeball leagues don't start until after the first of the year, but some of them are filling up quickly. Don't wait until after the holidays to sign-up for another great season of WAKA fun! Worried about the cold? Some of these are indoor leagues. Make your plans now so you have something to do after football season ends!

Find a league from the list below or see even more options in our league listing by state, and get signed up today.

Here are just a few of the leagues open for registration now:

Winter social sports

Many of our winter kickball leagues get started right after the start of the new year and are open for registration now. Even more of them will be opening in the coming weeks. If you have any questions, please email us, or contact us through Facebook and Twitter.

Here are just a few of the winter WAKA leagues already open for registration:

WAKA Kickball
DC Blizzard (National Mall in DC) - starts Sunday, February 12
CA Alcatraz (San Francisco) - starts Monday, January 16
ME Blzzard (Portand) -  starts Thursday, January 12

Dodgeball in Boston

For nearly 15 years, WAKA has been bringing the joy of kickball to thousands and thousands of adults. And during that time, many people have expressed an interest in playing even more sports with us. Those requests have not gone unheard and we have some exciting news to share!

WAKA will be offering dodgeball in select cities and registration is open for our very first WAKA Dodgeball league in Boston. The MA Southie Dodgeball league will play on Tuesday nights at the Boston Athletic Club. Teams will play eight regular season games and then all teams will participate in a single elimination tournament.

We are hosting a free pick-up game on Tuesday, July 12, 2011 and the season starts on Tuesday, July 26, 2011.

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