Team Stories We Love: Boston Social Club

The kickball team ‘Boston Social Club’ played their very first game together at WAKApalooza Weekend 2014. The players were from different WAKA leagues around Boston, and joined up to travel to Las Vegas for the WAKApalooza Fun Games.
The group was a mix of veteran and new kickball players - some with more than ten years of experience, and others with just a few seasons under their belts. They didn’t have a team name, but that really didn’t matter. They were going to Las Vegas with 3,000 other kickball players for four days of parties and tournaments.

9 Things You Will See At WAKApalooza Weekend

WAKApalooza Weekend is coming and its always a festival of color, kickball, and creative WAKA party people! Every year, WAKA players raise the bar on costumes, party props, and team accessories. In 2014, there was a HUGE homemade pirate ship at the field, a full circus, and a rowdy marathon game of Slip and Flip. 

Whether you plan to get yourself to Las Vegas for the whole weekend or to follow the action from home with hashtag #WAKAVegas - here's a primer of what you can expect to see:

1. You will see some of the best, most competitive, error free kickball games that you've ever seen at the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship.

WAKA’s Handshakes, High Fives, and Fist Bumps Contest Winners

Last week, WAKA Kickball & Social Sports received a ton of awesome entries from around WAKA nation for the Handshakes, High Fives, and Fist Bumps Instagram Photo Contest. With creative chest bumps, puppy high fives, and lots of team cheers, we got an inside look at how WAKA players celebrate victories on and off the field. Thank you all for entering the contest sharing with us! See the top photo winners from the contest here: 

1. The only thing better than a fist bump is a chest bump! via @etbabe33

2. Cheers! via @rbarr720

3. Even our puppies get excited on the field! via @dukecitykrackheads

WAKA Kickball & Social Sports Summer To Do List

Need inspiration for summer fun? We asked WAKA players to share their plans for summer adventures and favorite summer activities. Check out this list and see how many you can cross out before Labor Day:

·       Go to an outdoor concert
·       Sleep on the beach 
·       Pick strawberries, blueberries, (any berry!)
·       Watch a movie outside
·       Dive in at the sand volleyball pits
·       Have a sleepover with your kickball team

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Flag Football

We're studying up for our next trivia night and diving into facts about flag football. Here's a round up of interesting things we've learned: 

1. Flag Football was created on U.S. military bases. 

According to the multiple sources, variations of flag football were first played in the 1930’s and became all the rage on U.S. military bases during WWII. At the time, football players didn’t wear helmets or protective gear so flag football was the preferred game for servicemen so they could enjoy the sport without getting beat up before combat. When the servicemen returned to their hometowns after the war, they took flag football with them.

#MyKickballDay Challenge

Last year, we celebrated the 1st ever official Kickball Day on April 17th. Kickball enthusiasts all over the country hosted kickball games, contests, parties, and bar crawls to share their love of the game.

Since many of you play kickball at different times of the week, we want to invite you to join the celebration of Kickball Day 2015 on Friday, April 17th and throughout the season with the #MyKickballDay Challenge!

WAKA League Spotlight: Durham, North Carolina

While all WAKA leagues offer a fun and happy escape from the 9 - 5 every week, each league is a little bit different and reflects the unique personalities of the players in the area. To highlight the local flavor of these awesome leagues and inspire you to try fun things with your teammates, we’re giving your the inside scoop in our new WAKA League Spotlight series.

Read on to discover what WAKA is like in Durham and Chapel Hill, North Carolina.

WAKA players love bowling.

The first ever WAKA Bowling League started in Durham, NC in 2012 and now runs 4 seasons a year with hundreds of players.

WAKA players love local micro brews.

Relive the Top Kickball Plays of 2013

A lot of awesome kickball games happened this year from the Founders Cup World Kickball Championship, to kickball league championships, to the Balls ‘n Dolls tournament. We asked WAKA kickball players to think back over the year and tell us about the greatest kickball game plays they made in 2013. Here’s what they had to say:

“Holding the opposition to a 1-run performance in a 3-1 pitcher's duel, the highlight play being when I caught a line-drive comebacker right back to the mound” - Josh B.

#WAKALove Vine Contest

Hello WAKA Nation! With Valentine’s day quickly approaching, we thought it would be fun to kick off the month with a contest. The winner of the contest will win a free registration for the sport you LOVE the most!  (This goes without saying but it’s obviously a free registration for either WAKA kickball or WAKA dodgeball.)

The contest rules are simple. Create a 6-second animation using Vine on your iPhone showing us “WAKA Love” and share it on Twitter, the app that lets you take six seconds of stop motion animation. Be sure to use the hashtag #WAKALove so we can find you and enter you into the contest.

The Kickball Games 2012 Superlative Winners

The Kickball Games 3rd annual event happened on Saturday 10/6 in Las Vegas, with clear blue skies for the wild, kickball filled, day long party. During the event and throughout the weekend, players enthusiastically showed their team spirit and the competition was really tough for each of the 5 superlative prize categories. Some of the hottest items this year were team bracelets and pool toys, as well as temporary tattoos and trucker hats! Here’s a recap of each superlative category and the teams who really brought their “A game”  to the weekend!

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