Tell us your stories of WAKA Kickball love

So many couples have met through WAKA and we hear great stories all the time about WAKA weddings or love that found its start at one of our kickball games. There was even this marriage proposal at World Kickball Championship Weekend in October (the video at that link has been viewed over 11,000 times on YouTube so far!).

Spring kickball in DC, Maryland and Northern Virginia

Spring 2012 Registration is NOW OPEN for our DC Area Leagues!

Quick links:
Washington, D.C. Kickball Leagues

January leagues are here...register quickly!

Some of our winter kickball leagues start up this month!

Here are just a few of the ones that have January start dates. Register before they close!

WAKA Dodgeball continues to grow

After launching late last year, WAKA newest social sport, adult dodgeball, continues to grow!

There are currently WAKA Dodgeball leagues open for registration in Florida, Georgia, Massachusetts, Maine, Texas and Virginia, with even more to come. And WAKA uses soft play dodgeballs (pictured here on the left), so you don’t get stung like in grade school.

Florida winter social sports options

Good morning to the many WAKA fans in sunny Florida!

Here are just a few of the winter kickball league options we have available there right now...

More California winter kickball options

We've added two more California options to our list of winter kickball leagues now open for registration: CA Hawk and CA Invincible.

Two Texas dodgeball leagues start next week!

Two of our new dodgeball leagues start up next week!

And here are others we have starting up soon...

Calling all HR directors...now is the time to schedule fun for 2012!

We love hearing from people whose company started a WAKA team! It's a great way to get employees together in a relaxed social situation and bonding outside the office. And you get to hang out with other fun teams in the official league bar after your games each week.

We also talk to some HR directors who find out about WAKA and say things like, "Wow, an office kickball team! I need to look into that!" Well, now is the time.

Favorite WAKA moments of 2011

Last week we asked on Facebook and Twitter, "What was your favorite WAKA moment of 2011?"

Here's what you told us...

You can still get a WAKA kickball by Christmas!!!

The Christmas ordering deadline for the WAKA Store has passed, but there is still a way you can get the Official WAKA Kickball in time for everyone on your list (seriously, buy a dozen...we'll make more) before Xmas.

Dick's Sporting Goods, which also sells our kickball in their retail locations, has the WAKA ball available on their website and Dick's guarantees delivery by December 23.

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