Founders Cup 2011 Allegations of Roster Fixing

In late October, we were made aware that various message boards and Facebook postings were discussing the possibility that some team rosters at this year’s Founders Cup had been inappropriately bolstered with unregistered and ineligible players.

We take allegations such as this very seriously and undertook an in-depth review and analysis of the rosters for all teams participating in the 2010 and 2011 Founders Cup tournaments. This review identified a few isolated problems on teams who did not make it through to the final rounds, but there was no evidence of widespread roster fixing.

During the review we were able to identify some inconsistencies between WAKA staff across the country regarding the placement of players on teams during a season of play. As a result we are introducing stricter controls within our systems and undertaking a new internal training program to ensure there is a consistency in policies and practices across all markets.

WAKA Franchising in Tulsa next week

In an effort to talk to as many people as possible about our new franchise program, we'll be traveling to multiple markets for face-to-face meetings with those interested in learning more about this unique business opportunity.

We will be in the Tulsa market from November 30 through December 3. If you're interested, we'd love to chat with you for 20 or 30 minutes. Just email our franchise team or call 877-77-KICKBALL and we'll coordinate a time to speak in person. Can't make those dates?  Contact us and we'll coordinate a time to speak over the phone prior to our next visit.

And if you are not ready to own a WAKA franchise, we'll give you $2,000 for referring someone that does become a WAKA franchisee.

Michelle Obama playing with a WAKA kickball

We were pleasantly surprised to find out about the photo below that appears in the December issue of Self magazine. That's First Lady Michelle Obama playing with a WAKA kickball on the White House lawn.

Michelle Obama & a WAKA Kickball

WAKA & The Muppets in the Boston Herald

One of our kickball teams in the Boston area got a nice mention today from the Boston Herald, in an article about The Muppets:

"The furry, multicolored puppets are the inspiration behind World Adult Kickball Association team Electric Mayhem in Somerville. 'It amps up our fun level,' said member Amy Lundberg, 25, who dons an Animal hat during games."

Check out our Boston area kickball and dodgeball leagues and join us!

Kickball Tattoo

A WAKA employee and player shows off their dedication to kickball with a tattoo!

Looks like a great WAKA players' wedding!

A few weeks ago, we shared a video on the WAKA Facebook page from World Kickball Championship Weekend in Las Vegas, which featured Team Zissou from Albuquerque and their Lady Gaga flashmob dance at the Kickball.com pool party. Two members of Team Zissou recently got married after meeting through WAKA Kickball and it looks like some members of the team struck again as part of a flashmob at the wedding. Check it out below. And congratulations to Monica and Lucas!

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