7 Ways Playing Social Sports Can Improve Your Relationship

Joining a bowling league, a kickball team, or a playing in a corn hole tournament may not seem super romantic, but we’ve talked with a lot of happy CLUBWAKA couples who've got us convinced that fun and romance go hand in hand, and adding some playfulness to your relationship can bring you closer with your partner, and help you keep things fresh. 

Whether you are moving side-by-side as teammates, encouraging each other, or sharing wins and losses, there are many positive benefits to playing social sports as a couple - especially when it comes to strengthening your relationship.

How to Meet Women While Playing Social Sports

Playing in a social sports league has lots of perks like meeting (or hooking up) with other people. Social sports leagues have tons of opportunities for parties, games, themed events, and adventures and you’ll have fun sharing the fun with the cute girls on your team.

Here’s advice from women who play WAKA Kickball & Social Sports about how to strike up conversation with the ladies in your league:

Where to meet women 

Kickball Love: Kasey & Paul

Kasey & Paul: WAKA Kickball LoveKasey and Paul from WAKA’s CA Dogtown league met in 2009 at World Kickball Championship Weekend in Las Vegas.

We’ll let Paul tell the story:  "Kasey was part of a veteran squad that had several seasons of kickball under its belt; Paul was a member of a rookie squad from a new league nearby, playing its 12th-14th games of kickball ever at the tournament. The two lived two miles apart in California but had never met until they ran into each other on a post-game flip-cup table in Vegas. Neither of their teams won any national championships that weekend, but they reconvened back in Venice, and on January 26th, 2012, they celebrated their three year anniversary. And returned to Vegas this past fall to help both their teams go 3-0 in pool play. Love bringeth experience..."

The picture here is from a trip the two of them took to Macchu Pichu, Peru last spring.

Thanks for sharing your story, Paul!

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Kickball Love: Our players share their own stories about relationships found through WAKA

Happy Valentine's Day from all of us at WAKA!

Pictured on the right is Rachel from one of our Los Angeles leagues and her boyfriend, Jeff. They met playing WAKA Kickball in March 2011. "It was the first game of my very first season playing (Jeff had already played a couple seasons prior) and he was a member of the opposing team," explains Rachel. "Flirty banter ensued during and after the game, and we've been together ever since."
"I would say that joining WAKA has been one of the best decisions I've ever made," says Rachel. "Not only did I meet a great guy, but I've met some really awesome people and have made great friends!"

Kickball Love: Kristen & Ed

Next up in our February series on Kickball Love, we have a story about one of our own employees, Kristen, who met her husband, Ed, while she was out recruiting new players for her league (Hey, if you want to work for WAKA like Kristen and meet people while you recruit's your chance!).

Tell us your stories of WAKA Kickball love

So many couples have met through WAKA and we hear great stories all the time about WAKA weddings or love that found its start at one of our kickball games. There was even this marriage proposal at World Kickball Championship Weekend in October (the video at that link has been viewed over 11,000 times on YouTube so far!).

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