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Why Foam Dodgeball Is Our New Favorite Workout

Get excited: CLUBWAKA foam dodgeball is here, and it's about to be your new favorite workout! 

You don't need endless rows of treadmills and cardio equipment to get your heart rate up this season - foam dodgeball will give you fun variety in your cardio routine, and a chance to hang with your besties while you play!  

Playing foam dodgeball combines both dynamic moves like jumping, sprinting, and hopping, as well as functional moves, like squating, bending over, and reaching. It's the perfect game for people who like getting sweaty, and having fun at the same time. 

Here are three more reasons we love foam dodgeball: 

17 Of The Funniest Things Overheard at Dodgeball

We talked with CLUBWAKA staff members about the funny things they've overheard on the foam dodgeball court. Here's a sneak peek of what its link on the sidelines:
When sizing up your opponents:
OH: “He’s like a blackhole, he catches everything!”  
OH: “Watch out for the man in the squirrel suit.”
OH: “OH NO… He’s hot."
OH: “It’s the blond girl on the end that you have to worry about.”

Sideline chatter:

WAKA's Pin it to Win it Contest

We’re excited to announce our first-ever "Pin it to Win it" challenge on Pinterest. Simply create a virtual pin board featuring your favorite WAKA photos and products for a chance to win one of five WAKA Kickball League Registrations ($75 value). Contest ends 2/28/13 at 11:59pm CT. Winners will be judged based on creativity, composition & kickball goodness.

Here’s how it works:

Step 1:  Create WAKA Kickball Pin Board - Create a Kickball Board on Pinterest and categorize under sports.

Burn off Holiday Calories by Playing Dodgeball

Just because it's winter doesn't mean you have to be less active! Use this time of year to try a new sport and stay in shape. By trying something new, you can reignite your motivation for fitness, cold weather and all!

WAKA foam dodgeball leagues are popping up all over the country and the best part is you can burn around 340 calories in a 55 minute session! WAKA dodgeball is a dynamic, interval-type activity that requires running, ducking, jumping, throwing and catching. There are also league parties and events throughout the season so you can socialize with other players. Check out a league near you and share your Dodgeball photos on our Facebook page.

WAKA's Weekly Round Up: The Secrets of a Successful WAKA Season

We’re looking for love!
We hear about WAKA players who meet and marry every week. Send us your WAKA love stories for a special Valentine’s Day blog feature!

WAKA Dodgeball Sweeps the nation!
WAKA Dodgeball is coming to a city near you. Get in on the action and add a little spring to your step!

Veteran players share secrets to a successful WAKA season
Thanks to all our Facebook fans who offered advice to 1st time WAKA players! From proper hydration techniques to game play etiquette, there’s everything you need to know before you step onto the field. Check out the post here.

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