WAKA Kickball Mardi Gras Fashion

Check out this shirt a WAKA player in New Orleans made for Mardi Gras!

This one if definitely going on the WAKA Kickball Fashion pinboard on Pinterest.

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How WAKA is using Pinterest

Yesterday, we started a WAKA account on Pinterest and quickly found some people following our WAKA Baked Goods pinboard, where we share pictures of all the great kickball-themed cakes and cookies our creative players bake.

We've since added three other pages on Pinterest:

...and more WAKA Kickball cakes!

Following up on our earlier blog post about the new WAKA Baked Goods pinboard on Pinterest, here are a few more we've posted and will be pinning.

Here's a birthday cake that Emily in our AZ Horizon league made.

WAKA Kickball birthday cake

WAKA Kickball baked goods & Pinterest

We love that WAKA Kickball players around the country enjoy making cakes, cookies and other baked goods that are WAKA Kickball themed. So, we thought "let's pin them!" We now have a Pinterest page just for WAKA Baked Goods, like the ones shown in the images below that people recently shared on our Facebook page. Check them out, pin your own on Pinterest and then let us know so that we can repin them!

This WAKA wedding cake comes from our Sacramento league and the wedding of Becky and Tommy.

WAKA Kickball wedding cake

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