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Kickball Day 2015: Photos from the Celebration

Last Friday, April 17th, thousands of people started their weekend by celebrating their love of kickball on National Kickball Day.   

A teacher in Los Angeles challenged her students and fellow teachers to a kids versus adults kickball game after school. Several players in corporate offices from Denver to Boston challenged their colleagues to pick up games on their lunch breaks. Kickball teammates in Houston dressed up for a stop light theme party and played beer pong by the pool. Players all over the country enjoyed games, parties, team challenges, and bar crawls and shared their kickball stories and photos on social media with hashtag #mykickballday.

The Best WAKA Kickball Instagram Photos from March

In March, the warm weather made a big comeback and WAKA players emerged from hibernation to get some vitamin D, play kickball, and share their adventures on Instagram. We've collected the best photos of fun at the fields in March taken by WAKA players from all over the country. Check out this month's best and follow and share with WAKA on Instagram!


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27 Sports Movies For WAKA Kickball Players

From A League of Their Own to Dodgeball: A True Underdog Story, there are all kinds of sports movies to enjoy this winter with your teammates. The following are top picks as chosen by WAKA players, grouped by genre. Snuggle up this weekend with your WAKA friends and have a team movie party!


1. Fear Strikes Out (1957)
2. North Dallas Forty (1979)
3. Hoosiers (1986)
4. Rudy (1993)
5. A League of Their Own (1992)
6. Rocky (1976)
7. Remember the Titans (2000)
8. Bull Durham (1988)
9. The Natural (1984)
10. The Blind Side (2009)
11. Any Given Sunday (1999)
12. Love & Basketball (2000)
13. Field of Dreams (1989)

14 #WAKAproblems That CLUBWAKA Players Know To Be True

Your passion is kickball, your strife is managing all the fun and games each week. Last week, CLUBWAKA players shared their struggles with finding balance between their CLUBWAKA life and everyday life with the #WAKAproblems hashtag.

1. “Frantically digging through my stack of same-colored shirts to find one with the current season's bar logo AND year on it because my team has been together for so many seasons...” #WAKAProblems - Katherine C.

2. “Getting to work early so you have time to nap before your 9:15 WAKA kickball game.” #WAKAproblems - Erin C.

3. “Losing my cleats, or wallet, or cooler at the fields. Again.” #WAKAproblems - Mike W.

3 WAKA Kickball Players Share Advice for WAKApalooza Weekend 2014

You’ve seen the WAKApalooza Weekend 2014 event schedule, reserved your spot, and booked your hotel room to join WAKA in Las Vegas from October 9th - 12th. Now, to help you plan your weekend, we caught up with 3 WAKApalooza veterans to bring you secrets for capturing the spirit of the weekend.

Lena R - Captain of Beaches Be Crazy

How many times have you attended WAKApalooza Weekend?  

This will be my fourth WAKAPalooza!

What is your favorite memory or part of the weekend?

Meet 5 Left-Handed Kickball Players

August 13th is International Left-Handers’ Day so WAKA Kickball is highlighting left-handed kickball players who are rocking the fields.

While Lefties account for around 10 percent of the population, they have a reputation for dominating the world of sports. Here are 5 stories from left-handed kickball players about their experience in the game and what it means to be a lefty:


David plays on team Rumspringa with a group of friends he has known since elementary school. He grew up playing baseball and loves to play center field and catcher. “The most challenging thing about being a natural left was having to train my brain and build muscle memory to bunt down third base with my right foot.” - David

Michael N.

Stars and Stripes - WAKA Kickball Players Wearing Red, White, and Blue

Fireworks, Fireball, pool party, cut off shorts... everyone has their own way of celebrating the Fourth of July. WAKA Kickball players love to break out the stars and strips and spend their Independence Day in style. Check out these patriotic WAKA Kickball players rocking the red, white, and blue!

5 Ways to Network or Get a Date at Your Adult Kickball Game

We could all use a little more fun in our lives and we could all use a few more friends. At CLUBWAKA, we've found that there is no better way to expand your social circle than playing on an adult kickball team. Every week, you get to meet a whole new team of people, and if you take the time to say "hi", you can make awesome connections that could lead to your next job or a date for the weekend.

We've done a lot of research on the best times to chat people up at kickball to help you during your next game. Read on and use these opportune times to make a new friend at the fields: 

When celebrating an amazing play...

Celebrate Father's Day With These Exceptional Kickball Dads

There are a lot of rad dads who play kickball. These are the kind of guys who work hard and play hard, and go above above and beyond to be good parents and teammates. Here are 3 WAKA dads that deserve some special recognition, in honor of Father’s Day.

One dad dresses up in different costumes for league theme nights; another is his kickball team’s MVP when the team is down in close games.

AJ is rockstar dad in Denver, Colorado. His teammates say he is the coolest dad they have ever met.  Not only does he spend time with his son and team, but he also watches cartoons, always wins at flip cup, and loves the Chicago Cubs so much that he has a tattoo!

11 Photos of CLUBWAKA Superheroes

We think all our CLUBWAKA friends are super, but these folks have achieved "hero" status with their creativity and Superhero costumes! Which superhero would you like to have on your team?






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