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CLUBWAKA Happenings: Special Olympics New Mexico Kickball Game Recap

Thanks to all our CLUBWAKA friends in Albuquerque who came out to play kickball this weekend with athletes from the Special Olympics New Mexico - such a fun day sharing our favorite game!

CLUBWAKA Happenings: Kickball Day 2017

On April 27th, 2017 we celebrated the fifth annual Kickball Day. A day dedicated to all things kickball- a day where everyone is asked to join the fun, get out and play, and inspire others to do the same.

This year, the national celebration of Kickball Day was well documented with photos and videos from events held nationwide. Scroll on for some of our favorite Kickball Day 2017 photos and join us for a game

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Huntington Beach, California 

Richmond, Virginia

Halloween Tips and Tricks for Game Night

You've been planning your costume and rewatching Hocus Pocus but you’re looking for something to get you and your team to get into the Halloween spirit. This year, we’ve put together a list of tricks and treats that you can do to start making things spooky at your next game night.

Halloween Playlist - A must for any team Halloween celebration. Use our CLUBWAKA Halloween Playlist for inspiration.

Kickball Thursday: Celebrating a Milestone - 1000 games!

We’re always on the look out for inspiring stories from the WAKA community and this week we have a big milestone to celebrate!  

On June 6th in Hollywood, California, Padraic "Paddy" C. played in his 1000th kickball game. No, not one hundred… one thousand!

ONE THOUSAND KICKBALL GAMES. The fact that he even kept track is an achievement in of itself.  
One thousand kickball games is a commitment to the game and the sport itself - to play fairly, to play hard, and to display great sportsmanship.

15 Kickball Base Slides You Won't Believe Are Real

Every baller love that awesome feeling you get when crossing home plate.., but what about that incredible fleeting moment of flight when you throw yourself head first toward a base in a slide? Share in the joy of these fifteen unbelievable kickball base slides & tag us with #CLUBWAKA in your best slide photos! 


10 Places People Had to Put Their Feet Up At Kickball

After a long kickball game, there's nothing quite like sitting down in the grass, breathing in the fresh air, and sharing a refreshing beverage with your teammates. These CLUBWAKA players have found the perfect chill-out spots to relax and watch the games from the sidelines. Check out their photos and get signed up to play


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12 Things You Think When You Warm Up for a Kickball Game

It's kickball night. It's time to get your game face on. You throw the ball around with your teammates and promise yourself you won't drop a pop up tonight. Then you take in the sights at the field and think...

1. “Tonight, I am definitely getting on base.”

2. “I’ll take it easy at the bar so I can rest up for the CLUBWAKA party on Friday.”

3. “Is that guy wearing a purple body suit?”

4. “Whoa, the other team brought a flip cup table, speakers, and strobe lights. Next week, we’ve got to step up our game.”

8 Reasons to Love Fall Kickball Games

Sweater weather? More like snuggie weather! From cozy theme nights to warm sideline beverages - here are 8 reasons to love fall kickball games! Read on and join a team this season

1. Knit caps and fall athleisure layers! 

2. The shorter days mean night games under the lights! 

3. A whole season worth of reasons to bring out the onesie collection

12 Signs You're Nailing It at Kickball

CLUBWAKA people love their play time, and they go hard. Whether at the kickball field or the league bar, when they arrive, the party starts. Here are 12 signs that you are at the top of your game and bringing the fun this season:

1. You have your socks, uniform, headband, and baby color coordinated

2. You set new fashion trends at the kickball field on a regular basis

3. You pack for games with a level of skill that can only be described as professional

Dwight Howard Played WAKA Kickball on the Beach in Santa Barbara

When WAKA Kickball team “Find the Best” from Santa Barbara found out Dwight Howard was in town, they sent him a tweet and invited him to their kickball game on the beach. Everyone was surprised when he actually showed up, put on a WAKA Kickball & Social Sports uniform, and joined the game.

During the kickball game, Dwight Howard pitched and had a couple chances to kick while a hundred WAKA Kickball players watched and cheered him on.

Dwight stayed for the whole game and led the team to victory making it a fun night for everyone at the fields.  

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