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The Best CLUBWAKA Social Sports Leagues to try in August

Sometimes, you just need a buddy (or a social club) to get you out of the house. From Portland, Maine to Tucson, Arizona, get ready to have a funner summer and roll through August with these hot new CLUBWAKA social sports leagues - Register now

Bowling in Tucson, Arizona- starts Monday, 8/7 

Sand Volleyball in Austin, Texas -  starts Tuesday, 8/8

WAKA's Hottest Summer Leagues

If you’ve been wondering what to do with the rest of your summer, we have your answer!

WAKA has a bunch of summer leagues starting in the next few weeks where you can meet kickball cuties, get some time in the sun, and have an excuse to party an extra night each week!

Here’s a guide to some of our hottest leagues this month:

ME Lobster Trap League in Portland, ME starts 7/18

NC Wave League in Wilmington, NC starts 8/6
NY Action League in Poughkeepsie, NY starts 7/10

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