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Best WAKA Instagram Photos of the Month - June 2016

If your mind isn't already at the beach, team barbeque - or the bar - these awesome photos will get you ready to party. We've got the best WAKA Instagram photos from June - complete with special GOT character appearances, capes, and rockin' tie-dye. Check out these photos for costume inspiration to get a head start to your weekend: 

Balls n dolls goes murican via @katlynbourget

Wasted Potential reporting for domination via @d_o_double_t 

Can't beat summer sand volleyball via @wakahamptonroads

11 Reasons Why We Can't Wait for Summer Camp!

Summer officially kicks off this weekend, and we’re packing for camp! This year, we’re hosting THREE ridiculously awesome adult summer camps that, we promise, are totally worth emerging from your air-conditioned cave for. From pie eating contests to hiking scavenger hunts, we've already built your summer bucket list... all you have to do is pack your bag and show up.

Here are 11 more reasons to look forward to partying at camp with WAKA this summer: 

1. The realization that there are no camp counselors.

2. The thrill of learning something new. 

The 19 Best Instagram Photos of the Month

Who snapped the best sideline selfie? Check out our collection of the 19 coolest WAKA Instagram photos this month to find out: 


Pizza socks on the sideline via @tango_anyone


"If you enjoyed it during your childhood, you'll enjoy it as an adult." via @fearthebeard.11


Roxy enjoying her favorite pastime! via @michelle_blumenthal


10 Places People Had to Put Their Feet Up At Kickball

After a long kickball game, there's nothing quite like sitting down in the grass, breathing in the fresh air, and sharing a refreshing beverage with your teammates. These CLUBWAKA players have found the perfect chill-out spots to relax and watch the games from the sidelines. Check out their photos and get signed up to play


via @queenofsmarts


via @hallieantoinette 


Not-To-Miss WAKA Holiday Events

Soaking up the holiday spirit with your WAKA friends is a cinch with plenty of parties and special events to celebrate this season. Here are some of the highlights happening this weekend:
Christmas Sweaters and Light Sabers Party

This Friday, Austin will glow with holiday cheer! Check out the Christmas Sweaters and Light Sabers party at The Gatsby to celebrate the release of the new Star Wars and the end of a year full of kickball games and new friends! 

When: Friday, December 18th
RSVP: Austin Party

Worcester Volleyball Holiday Party 

3 WAKA Ski Vacations for 2016

There’s this certain energy when going on a ski trip that makes it different from any other vacation. Maybe it’s the fresh mountain air, or the opportunity to play like a child in the snow. Regardless, ski trips are super fun whether you ski, snowboard, or prefer hanging out mountainside in the hot tub.

Funny Photos of WAKA Kickball Players in Pirate Costumes

These pirate costume photos from WAKA Kickball & Social Sports leagues are giving us a laugh this morning. Clever, cute, and contagiously silly, they’re too good not to share. Check them out and share your kickball team photos with marketing@kickball.com. 





The 11 Best WAKA Photos from July 2015 on Instagram

This summer, we’ve seen countless pictures of WAKA players and their travels and adventures on and off the field - which is exactly what summer is all about! Below is a collection of our favorites from July. Check them out! 

1.  "Sporty Malificent" made an appearance at the kickball field! via @mostly.makeup

2. Bringing kickball to Hawaii! via @ianwakakickball

3. Do it for the W! via @_sharonn

3 Things You Probably Didn’t Know About Flag Football

We're studying up for our next trivia night and diving into facts about flag football. Here's a round up of interesting things we've learned: 

1. Flag Football was created on U.S. military bases. 

According to the multiple sources, variations of flag football were first played in the 1930’s and became all the rage on U.S. military bases during WWII. At the time, football players didn’t wear helmets or protective gear so flag football was the preferred game for servicemen so they could enjoy the sport without getting beat up before combat. When the servicemen returned to their hometowns after the war, they took flag football with them.

How to Meet Women While Playing Social Sports

Playing in a social sports league has lots of perks like meeting (or hooking up) with other people. Social sports leagues have tons of opportunities for parties, games, themed events, and adventures and you’ll have fun sharing the fun with the cute girls on your team.

Here’s advice from women who play WAKA Kickball & Social Sports about how to strike up conversation with the ladies in your league:

Where to meet women 

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