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5 Ways to Meet New People This Season

It's no secret that CLUBWAKA leagues and activities are a great way to meet fun new people. Here are 5 ways you can branch out and meet new people with a CLUBWAKA league or activity:  

The Best CLUBWAKA Social Sports Leagues to try in August

Sometimes, you just need a buddy (or a social club) to get you out of the house. From Portland, Maine to Tucson, Arizona, get ready to have a funner summer and roll through August with these hot new CLUBWAKA social sports leagues - Register now

Bowling in Tucson, Arizona- starts Monday, 8/7 

Sand Volleyball in Austin, Texas -  starts Tuesday, 8/8

CLUBWAKA Happenings: Party Gras Weekend Recap

Thanks to all who came out to our recent Party Gras Weekend, with the South Central Regional Kickball Tournament, and three days of events in New Orleans, Louisiana. The event brought out hundreds of kickball fans from across the country, who got to play and party in the heart of the city.

Watch the Central Regional Kickball Tournament This Saturday!

Live from Austin, Texas, the Central Regional Kickball Tournament is going down this weekend – watch the live stream on

The Central Regional Kickball Tournament is part of our Road to Founders Cup Regional Tournament Series and open to any adult kickball players and teams aged 21+. The tournament is part of the much anticipated CLUBWAKA Gettin' Weird Weekend in Austin which begins on Friday, April 7th with a Rainey Street Bar Crawl and the kickball tournament games follow on Saturday, April 8th.

WAKA Kickball on NBC's Today Show

In case you missed it, last week NBC’s Today Show featured a segment on co-ed adult kickball leagues - and there was a kickball game in the middle of episode using the Official WAKA Kickball! At WAKA, we are so happy that word is spreading about kickball leagues as a great place for young adults to cut loose after work, meet new people, find dates, and get involved in the communities in which they live. We’ve been offering kickball leagues for 16 years and we want everyone to know that kickball is just as fun as you remember it from grade school, and anyone can play!

5 Ways to Network or Get a Date at Your Adult Kickball Game

We could all use a little more fun in our lives and we could all use a few more friends. At CLUBWAKA, we've found that there is no better way to expand your social circle than playing on an adult kickball team. Every week, you get to meet a whole new team of people, and if you take the time to say "hi", you can make awesome connections that could lead to your next job or a date for the weekend.

We've done a lot of research on the best times to chat people up at kickball to help you during your next game. Read on and use these opportune times to make a new friend at the fields: 

When celebrating an amazing play...

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