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WAKA Mammoth Mountain Ski Trip Recap 2016

Our 2016 ski trip season wrapped last weekend with the Mammoth Mountain Snow Fest, and we had a total blast adventuring in the mountains and hitting up the many slopeside parties.
WAKA Ski Trip party goers were greeted in Mammoth with a “Shot Ski Cat Walk” and a photo scavenger hunt, which had everyone snapping pics and included lots of snowmen, snow angels, a woolly mammoth, snow forts, and multiple ways of writing “WAKA” in the snow.
Over the weekend, the WAKA crew enjoyed fresh powder on the mountain every morning and a record breaking snowfall on the last day. It was epic.

CLUBWAKA Happenings: CLUBWAKA Ski Trip at Jay Peak

Now THIS is how you take over the base of a ski resort...with more than 350 CLUBWAKA people! 

WAKA Kickball & Social Sports Hosts Biggest Ski Trip Yet In Lake Tahoe

Lake Tahoe, California was packed with hundreds of onsie-clad twenty and thirty- somethings, as WAKA guests celebrated the start of their weekend ski trip with a bar crawl through the mountains. The sold-out event was hosted by WAKA at Heavenly Mountain Resort, and it was a true success.
WAKA players rocked the ski resort and casinos with amazing views of Lake Tahoe. The event attracted a melting pot of social sports enthusiasts, travel lovers, skiers, and snow boarders. Guests enjoyed costume parties, open bar parties, hot tub parties, and played in the snow after the power went out and the chairlifts shut down.

What To Know About WAKA's Ski Trips

WAKA's Ski Trip season is here, and there's a lot to look forward to.

Perhaps you read about WAKA’s Ski Trips- you know, those debaucherous vacations set in wintery locations around the US… Well, guess what - WAKA is taking their insane party shenanigans to the slopes of Lake Tahoe, CA this weekend!
So, what are WAKA Ski Trips?

Ring in 2016 with WAKA

After the champagne has popped and the fireworks have faded, it’s time to hunker down and get to work on your list of New Year’s resolutions. Whether you want to learn something new, meet interesting people, or live a life of adventure, here’s a list of WAKA Events that can help you on your way to living your dreams of having more fun in the new year. Make the most of 2016 and sign up today!

4 Ways to Stay Active This Winter with WAKA Kickball & Social Sports

When the snow blows and the temperature drops, WAKA Kickball & Social Sports players bring the fun indoors for games and parties to help you maintain an active social life all winter long.

As much as cold weather can make you want to stay on the couch, these ideas will help keep you moving:

1. Start a Foam Dodgeball Team

Foam Dodgeball is hot! With 20 vs 20 player games, you can get all your friends together for a party on the foam dodgeball court each week. It’s a fast paced game and you will definitely get sweaty!

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