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Best New CLUBWAKA Activities Starting This Week

Celebrate the rising temperatures and sunny days - join a new social sports league! From kickball to sand volleyball, we’ve got an insane amount of new CLUBWAKA leagues starting this week. Spend time outside and get ready to play, party, and dance your way through spring - sign up and play! 

Los Angeles, CA - Make Monday’s less Monday-ish. Our new softball league in Hollywood starts Monday, April 2nd! Sign up & play

The Best CLUBWAKA Activities Happening This Week

The countdown to warmer temps is on, but in the meantime, you definitely don't want to miss out on the fun happenings we have to offer this season! 

Browse through our lineup of new CLUBWAKA activities starting this week, and get signed up to play - there’s real fun to be had out there!

Fort Lauderdale, FL - Our new CLUBWAKA kickball league in South Florida starts this Wednesday, February 28th. Sign up and join a team

Best New CLUBWAKA Leagues to try this month

After a long day at work, it’s easy to let the dropping temperatures or traffic jams get to you... UNLESS you're arriving at one of these NEW CLUBWAKA social sports leagues. Sign up and join us or find a league near you!

Indoor Volleyball in Las Vegas, NV: Make monday your new favorite day of the week! Games start Monday, 10/30. Join a team!

Bowling in Tucson, AZ: Roll away your stress at this new Monday night league starting 10/30. Register now!

The Best CLUBWAKA Social Sports Leagues to try in August

Sometimes, you just need a buddy (or a social club) to get you out of the house. From Portland, Maine to Tucson, Arizona, get ready to have a funner summer and roll through August with these hot new CLUBWAKA social sports leagues - Register now

Bowling in Tucson, Arizona- starts Monday, 8/7 

Sand Volleyball in Austin, Texas -  starts Tuesday, 8/8

5 New WAKA Kickball & Social Sports Leagues to try this Fall

One of the best things about playing WAKA Kickball & Social Sports is that you don't have to go far to find something fun to do. Here’s a rundown of new social sport leagues you should check out this fall:
Check out Glow Kickball in San Francisco

The CA SF Glow Kickball League plays in the dark using a glowing LED kickball and field equipment and a ton of glow sticks. Games start 9/22/15. 
Play Flag Football in Phoenix 

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